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Acteco provides surging power beyond expectation of the drivers by the first-class assembly technology in the world, effectively reduces power loss by fine and efficient power transmission, significantly increases power efficiency of fuel, achieves perfect balance between power and energy consumption, and help solves global energy crisis, environment degrading and other problems. By huge manpower and material put in technology research, Chery aims to make the best use of power of each car.


Through independent innovation, Chery has developed models of world-class engines. From 3-cylinder to V-shaped 6-cylinder, from low displacement to high displacement (0.8-4.2 L), and from gasoline engines to diesel engines, ACTECO engines have complete independent production lines. ACTECO adopts turbocharging, DVVT, TCI, TGDI and other advanced technology all in line with international standards such as Euro IV Emission Standards. They have been widely applied to Chery cars production to meet different requirements of car equipments.


1.6DVVT, the second-generation ACTECO engine carefully created by Chery, is honored 2011 Top Ten Chinese Engines. It adopts VIS Variable Length Intake Manifold (VIM) in consideration of the power performance of both high and low speeds. By DVVT technology, it accurately controls opening and closing phases of the intake and exhaust valves, improves power performance and lowers fuel consumption.


Increase the power while greatly enhancing fuel economy (approx. 10%); High requirements on fuel product


Acceleration is quite linearized without sluggish of turbo, thus the engine can output at any time to provide power continuously; Part of the engine power will be consumed, resulting in lower efficiency, which is unfavorable for fuel consumption performance of vehicles.


Second-generation Turbo-charging Gasoline Direct Injection (TGDI)

1.2L TGDI Second-generation Engine adopts advanced gasoline direct-injection (GDI), intake/exhaust variable valve timing, and significantly expands maximum torque output scope in consideration of variable oil pump technology and electronic thermostat technology. 1.2L of displacement will produce 2.2L of power, while fuel consumption of the engine drops to an extremely low level. By design conception of downsizing and down speeding, balance shaft helps the engine run quieter and provides you with superb driving experience. The model of engine will be applied to most Chery models. The hybrid power version of the engine will further lower fuel consumption and emission of the car.


Increase engine stability and obviously increase power and torque

Gear Box

Mature transmission technology of Chery, combining mechanical transmission technology and automatic technology, will produce a more intelligent, convenient and quicker transmission mode. Meanwhile, with higher reliability, higher fuel efficiency, excellent power performance and other advantages, it will provide full driving control pleasure to the drivers.


Chery CVT transmission, as the first continuously variable transmission (CVT) independently developed in China, has broken the monopoly of the multinational giants in automatic transmission industry. Compared with the traditional AT, the completely advanced technology enjoys unparalleled advantage in both driving comfort and fuel efficiency. Meanwhile, with lower cost than that of the imported traditional AT, it provides automatic transmission cars with super high cost efficiency to the domestic consumers. Due to smooth feature during operation of CVT, the car can ensure smoothness and comfort under any driving condition for more pleasant driving and riding experience.


Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) is an automatic transmission system controlled by computer on basis of dry clutch and gear transmission. AMT has retained the basic structure of the original mechanical transmission. Compared with common imported ATs, it has high transmission efficiency, compact structure, low cost, easy manufacturing, reliable performance, convenient operation and other advantages; compared with MTs, they have more convenient operation, stronger power and less consumption of fuel; compared with CVT, the product has excellent matching, lower cost and more convenient maintenance.


Dry Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)

6 DCT adopts motor-driven clutching and gear shifting. The control unit of the transmission is integrated to the transmission with only one harness interface connected to the car, which ensures higher transmission efficiency and less fuel consumption.