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Chery infused the product conception of "more safety, more energy saving and more environment protection" to development at its very founding. Starting development of new energy vehicle since 2000, Chery has established complete energy saving and new energy vehicle R&D system, world-class new energy test center, trial manufacturing center, etc. For over ten years, it has stuck to independent innovation, constantly improve product quality and service, apply the low-carbon and environment-friendly electric power to auto R&D, gradually replace electric power for gasoline to drive cars, lead green road of new energy vehicles, and create green traffic system of "technology, environment protection and harmony".

BSG (Belt Driven Starter Generator)

BSG is a light hybrid power technology. Different from electric vehicle technology, BSG only optimizes the working conditions of traditional gasoline and diesel engines, improve fuel efficiency under idling, starting, etc. As a result, the fuel saving effect is only 5%. Under mass production, BSG has low cost.
BSG of Chery as a whole adopts natural wind cooling system with small size, low weight, excellent radiation, high efficiency and other advantages.

ISG (Integrated Starter and Generator)

Integrated Starter and Generator (ISG) is a cost-efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly solution between hybrid power and traditional vehicles. It may start the vehicles within 0.3 seconds without idling during red light or other temporary parking for significant idling emission reduction, fuel saving and growth of financial benefit; directly installed on main shafts of the engines, ISG may drive at any time and improve power performance of the vehicles; during downhill traveling, ISG may generate power to save energy; when running down a long slope, it may improve safety by electromagnetic adjustment and non-contact braking for more safety.
ISG of Chery is independently developed with full possession of core technology. Meanwhile, Chery can independently develop series of electric drive system with small size, low weight, excellent radiation, high efficiency and other advantages.

EV (Electric Vehicle)

EV follows the low-carbon and environment-friendly trend. Electric power has gradually become new energy in place of gasoline for power of vehicles.
Chery has independently developed motors dedicated to vehicles. With high power density, high control accuracy, low cost and high reliability, they can accurately respond to the needs of motors for clockwise/anticlockwise motion and torque with the highest speed of up to 120km/h.

PHEV (Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle)

PHEV refer to hybrid electric vehicles charged by plugging. They need special poles for power supply. They adopt motors to drive the vehicles in the case of full power. The motors may participate in driving or generation in the case of insufficient power.