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Exterior Interior


Tiger-crouching front face Largest size among its class
9-Inch central capagitive touch sgreen
1.5TCI high-efficiency engine
Smart bracelet


Family style tiger-crouching front

The tiger-crouching front face design inherits the steady design aesthetics of TIGGO family.The front grille adopts the futuristic starry sky design, which creates natural but futuristic high-tech impression by the 2 transverse lines full of sense of depth.

Perfect body ratio

The perfect body ratio creates a more-coordinated car appearance.

Tiger-eyes headlight

Inspired by the sharp eyes of the tiger, the headlights look energetic and vivid.The low beam with lens design features more uniform luminance, more focused illumination and stronger penetration.

17-inch diamond-type cutting wheel hub

The 17-inch wheel hub is crafted with diamond cutting process and applied with the dual-color glossy design, improving the three-dimensional impression.

Multifunction exterior rearview mirror

The rearview mirror is integrated with turn signal lamp, enhancing the identifiability of the car.


Wide high-quality space

Excellent space design provides sufficient head room, shoulder room and leg room for front and rear passengers, improving the riding comfort of all the occupants.

Rear 4/6 folding seat

The trunk is able to accommodate 10 suitcases of 20-inch large with the rear seats not folded down, and to load such large items as pushchair, large suitcase or bicycle, you can fold down the rear seat to extend the luggage space.

Electric sunroof

Ensures effective air circulation inside the car, increase the flow of fresh air, and widen the field of view.


1.5T high-efficiency engine

Max. power: 108kw/5500rpm;

Max. torque: 210N·m/1750-4000rmp

Advanced technologies such as cylinder head integrated exhaust manifold, intake manifold integrated water-cooled intercooler and electronic thermostat are applied.

2.0L high-performance engine

Max. power: 102kw/5750rpm;

Max. torque: 180N∙m/4500rmp

This naturally aspirated engine features fast throttle response, stable start, stable power output upon rpm change, simple mechanical construction and low maintenance cost.

BorgWarner DVVT

BorgWarner D-VVT is joint developed with world-class supplier Schaeffler, and has been proved by 1,000,000km durability test, stable and reliable


HDC (Hill Decent Control)

HDC allows the car to safely go through the steep road under control.

HHC (Hill-start Assist Control)

Effectively prevent the car from sliding when being started on a slope, making the driving easier and safer.

360° around-view monitor

More viewing angles and wider vision are provided, making the driving safer.

6D-BODY construction

This advanced safety body design concept can not only effectively transmit the front impact load, but also evenly disperse the side impact energy, improving the overall anti-crash performance, and making the driving safer.


7-inch LCD instrument display

The 7-inch LCD instrument panel, which is largest in its class and has a larger display area than the traditional 4-5-inch LCD instrument panel, makes the information display clearer and more intuitive, and improves the grade of the car.

9-inch touch screen

The interface is beautiful but also easy for operation and use, and various available connection methods makes the connection easy and convenient.

Mirror link

MirrorLink allows you to mirror your favorite musics, videos and pictures and the navigation information to the central control screen to realize sharing of happiness.

Intelligent speed control

It integrates cruise control, overspeed alarm, active speed limit and other functions.

Four-door power window

All the four-door windows support push button descending, and the control button on the driver’s door supports push button window ascending/descending.

Smart bracelet key

It embraces such functions as vehicle control which is available for remote control key, reminding, mobile phone interconnection and monitoring.


"Images,engine specifications and information posted above may vary by region. All information and illustration are subject to change without notice.Please check with local dealer for more information."