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Fashionable Design
Platinum Power
Royal Comfort
Intelligent Tech
Overall Safety


Brand-new tiger-crouching front face

The world's top design style, interprets the vivid · Movement design concept that evolves from bionic to aesthetic models.

Penetrating Beltline

The body is outlined by three main lines, creating an effect that carries dynamic and static elements alike.

Dynamic cornering light

Dynamic flow direction indicator, better indication effect, convenient driving direction and improving driving safety.

18-inch plated aluminum alloy wheel rim

18 inch super bright aluminum alloy rim, comparable to sports car class rim, the vehicle is more sporty and majestic.


Embracing Cabin

With luxurious and dynamic tech, the seat is designed with surround-wide schematics, luxurious quality and elegant interior.

Luxurious black and brown interior

The luxurious black and brown interior and the laser-brushed trim show fashion and personal style.

Multicolor Am bient Light

7 color themes are available for upscaling the atmosphere of the interiors • varying with step-less music rhythm, a perfect blend of technology and beauty.

Agile, Spacious Trunk

With 5 occupants, the tail space measures out 1179L In the case when rear seats recline, the tail space can reach 2101L


1.6TGDI engine

The 1.6TGDI engine has the maximum power of 145KW, the maximum torque of 290/2000-4000rpm.

T1X Comfort Chassis

The T1X platform has better headroom for front and rear seats, and higher ground clearance. The approach and departure angles also ensure better off-road performance.

Multi-link Suspension

Front McPherson independent suspension: it features precise steering, good traction, high reliability
Rear multi-link independent suspension: Most are used on premium models. It has better shock absorption and anti-roll, stable cornering, less body roll, and better comfort


High-strength Body

High-strength steels are present more than 60% in the alloy、Multiple blocks of Bentler ultra-high strength thermal forming steels、Yield strength ≥1500Mpa、The whole vehicle cover is made of galvanized steel plates

Guard-ring 6 Airbags

The leading guard-ring type 6 airbags provide comprehensive and thoughtful protection.
When danger occurs, it can reduce injuries to occupants in the vehicle

Seat belt

Advanced double-force-limiter pre-crash seat belts for the driver and the front passenger, and 3-point emergency locking seat belt for the second and the third rows.


Each tire carries a tire pressure sensor, which displays tire pressure and temperature on the instrument via wireless radio frequency signals, effectively avoiding accidents.


Automatic start stop

The engine starts and stops automatically, stops automatically when the red light is red, and ignites automatically when the green light is on, so as to reduce emissions and reduce fuel consumption.

Armrest with cold storage

The armrest has a cold storage to keep drinks cool even in hot summer.

Wireless Charger

"Charge the phone when you put it down, and use it when you pick it up again", this is the most worry-free feature of the Charge Pal, with a15W fast charging mode.

Automatic sensing tail door

Inductively open the electric tailgate, that is, automatically within 1 meter; or via remote control