Modern & romantic styles
Fuel efficiency
International safety standard


Wedgy diamond integrated headlight set

The headlight is oblong diamond LED light, corresponding to the solid taillight. The fog light is diamond-style & hi-efficiency,neat and functional, and the lighting projection is much bigger than like products.


The frontage of olive shape, and the big-U-shape line across the frontage form the rounded frontage, which can match up other front parts, and indicates its good taste and grade.

Body side

The Chery A1 learns from classical European small cars: its waistline is divided in the golden proportion of 1:1.618, and is a foil to the plump & smooth roof line. With unique wide wheel brow, four-corner shape of wheel, the car looks more sporting.

Body tail

In the tail, there is fitted with the rear boot of cupped shape. And the whole car looks more stable and integrated and is clearly three-dimensional. The rear door closely cling to rear wheels, and looks modern and well-matched with solid taillight.


Modern dashboard shape

On the dashboard, the hi-lum central console, aircon outlet, big display,aircon switch, cup holder and ash tray are laid out rationally. On the central console, a titan-sliver panel and one piece of large LCD are configured,which upgrades the interior trimming.

Well-matched interior trimming

The Chery A1’s interior trimming is in color combination of light gray and metal color.

Electric rear-view mirror knob

The rearview mirror can be electric controlled through a knob on door.


Transmission of steady shift

The Chery A1’s transmission integrates the functions of both speed changer and differential. And the fully-hydraulic clutch system is applied. The hydraulic separation structure is composed of separation fork and bearing. And the interlock board self-lock structure can prevent gear shifting in disorder.

Suspension system with good performance

The front suspension is the independent McPherson suspension, and it is of tight structure. The rear suspension is the dependent vertical trailing-arm suspension.


Hi-rigid material

The body material is two-sided galvanized, max thickness of 3.0mm, and mini. thickness of 0.6mm so that it is able to resist corrosion extremely, and makes a strength enhancement of 60%.

Safety concern, generated from body tech.

The body is wholly metal, loadable and close, and can form a safe environment both for driver and for passengers.


With the configuration of ABS+EBD, the Chery A1 is improved in safety performance, and driving stability as well.

Laminated safe glazing

The laminated safe glass has passed through mechanical performance test, and it will become the grained shape while impacted heavily to avoid the 2nd damage towards inside passengers

Dual-stage frontal air bags

These bags sense the severity of a crash, then determine if the air bags should be deployed and whether a full or less-than-full amount of inflation is to be used.


Intelligent remote-control key

This key carries out the remote control to open doors, windows, and boot door, and to close roof window.

Cargo organizer

The Chery A1 provides the convenience configurations as many as you need, such as various storage spaces on dashboard or under seat.

Amusing ICE system

The Chery A1 has a sound system composed of DVD player, digital MP3 plug, Receiver & Player, and six-horn sound COMBI. ICE system provides the all-sided functions, and creates entertainment all round the inside space.

Navigation system

With up to eight gigabytes of memory and voice recognition, the A1 Satellite-Linked Navigation System™ provides convenient directions using a series of 24 global positioning satellites.

Dual-probe reverse radar & display

The dual-probe reverse radar that is fitted on the Chery A1 can detect the distance of 1.49m at most, <0.3m at least; and it makes four-phase alarm, and indicates the distance value in dm.


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