Wide Body, Harmonious & Modern
Intelligent Technology, and Life Enjoyment
Global-level, and 5-Star Safety
Agile handling & Control


Diamond headlights

It is diamond-shaped, height adjustable and of anti-fading UV protected lamp surface for clearest lightening.

Chrome honeycomb grille

With bright chrome lines of unique shape, the grille highlights the kinetic style.

Chrome plated electric power rear view mirror

The electric power mirrors with exquisite bright chrome bar upgrade the appearance of the vehicle.

Rear door hidden handle

"Alfa Romeo" style rear window integrated rear door handle, creating a two door "coupe" romance.

Tail lights

Triangular crystal taillights are eye-catching with simple yet kinetic style.


Elegant and Stylish Multi-functional Central Console

Brand-new torch-shaped center console is concise and fashionable, applying the current popularity of sub-screen in console design.

Barrel-shaped instrument panel

Three-dimensional three-ring barrel dashboard with red LED backlight brings about the stylish and dynamic style with the high-tech touch.

“Smart” Multi-functional seats

The A3 is equipped with 8-way adjustable front seats. Ergonomics designs are including front seat heating and manual lumbar support bring care and comfort for the occupants.

Black interior

Steely and dynamic black interior design creates profound kinetic style with the style of its own for the utmost visual pleasure


Engine block and engineering

Aluminum frame and cast iron cylinder design to reduce engine weight and achieve a reasonable balance between cost and lightweight.

Dual independent controlled VVT

Increasing engine power and fuel economy as well as reducing emissions.

Superior suspension

A3 adopts McPherson and four-link rear independent suspension system which is more compact and concise. Debugged by the international top company Britain MIRA, the suspension delivers enhanced handling and comfort, bringing the driver not only exhilarating driving but also luxurious enjoyment.

Variable-length intake manifold system

Optimal torque performance at every rpm.

Silent chain-driven timing system

Reliable transmission, durability, space-saving, automatic tension adjustment, isolation from the external environment and low-maintenance.

Knock spark plug

Easy to upgrade cylinder head water jacket design so that the engine combustion chamber is fully cooled.


Body structure

Key body structures adopt high strength steel plate. It reaches the intensity grade of 600MPa, (much higher than the normal value of 440MPa); and its usage rate is about 43.9% (that of the normal vehicle is lower than 40%)

Height-adjustable headrest

The height of all the seat headrests is adjustable, providing direct support for the cervix and reducing impact in an injury in collision.

4-Wheel disc brake

The front ventilated disc brake of the A3 is good in heat radiation and responds well and stable The big sized break disc is a good safeguard for braking stability and efficiency.


Under the theory of point breaking, ABS insures high safety even under extreme weather conditions. EBD system distributes braking force to all four wheels according to different loadings and reduces braking distance.


Adjustable Steering Wheel

The steering wheel can be adjusted for driving comfort, and is designed for user friendly.

Sunshine Protection Devices

The rear curtain can be brought down to protect rear passengers, saving AC cost and fuel cost at the same time.The film is glued within the inside mirror section, in order to reduce the reflection on the mirror by sunshine from front.

Separated Reading Lights

This lights is controlled separately, and is positioned rationally for reading in car.

Visible Reversing Radar

While the car is reversing, the camera works automatically, which is displayed on the screen clearly.The distance is displayed on the instrument accurately.

On & Off Convenience

The design of high seat is set for easy accessing and exit from the vehicle.

Function Area on Roof

Many function keys are set in the area of interior lights, such as controllers of fog lights, door lights, and so on.


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