Fashionable appearance
Smooth space
Utmost safety
Fasionable configuration


Eagle-eye-light-guide headlights are graceful, safe and secured

The application of light guide is rare among the A-segment cars with graceful and modern shape well merged with front face.

Duck-tail end design is technological and useful

The overall shape is calculated in detail according to speed and net weight of the car as the best interpretation of scientific design. Wind resistance parameter is lowered through creation of turbulence to reduce fuel consumption, and increase car speed and stability of the car during its traveling as perfect combination of beauty and practicality.

Skate-style double waist lines: fashionable and dynamic

Arrizo 3 is prudent in whole shape, but the waist line shape increases dynamic elements with quite straight and clear lines.


S-shaped center console panel, simple but useful

Center console panel adopts the bright surface material of black piano paint. Chrome-plated decorative bars are increased at the knobs, covers and other places to increase textual sense. The center console panel introduces the S-shape as traditional Chinese auspicious patterns. Favorable meaning is contained in grace and fashion.

Double-barrel instrument cluster with ice-blue background light, fashionable and safe

The pleasant ice-blue background light may avoid harass of the hurt sun as well as the trouble of visual fatigue due to long time driving.


Top 10 mature power to save fuel and guarantee durability

Four-valve technology brings more economic use cost to the users, achieve simplicity and lightness, and achieve engine manufacturing technology in line with the world; excellent technique and R&D reduce noise from high speed running, further improve driving comfort of the consumers; compared with engines of similar displacement in the market, its torque output is higher by 10% approximately.

N.V.H muffling and damping technology

11 modules to optimize and improve NVH performance; 27 places of muffling and damping technology.


Multiple occupant protection system to ensure safety

From the body to interior trim, and from the outside to the inside, Arrizo 3 always provides safe protection to your driving and effectively guarantee your driving safety.

Cage-shaped car body guarantees safe travel

Many parts adopt high-strength steel plates. “Safe Cage” living space adopts high-strength steel plates for most of the car, accounting for 80% of the plates for the car. It effectively controls weight, ensures sufficient safe living space of the cockpit during collision to effectively protect the occupants.


6/4 foldable rear seats

6/4 detachable rear seats to meet needs of multi-function loading.

Spacious and useful trunk

502L ultra-large trunk space.

Electrically-opened trunk

It adopts electrically-opened trunk design, useful and convenient for higher car class.

Anti-dazzling inside rearview mirror

It can effectively reduce the distraction of the headlights from the following cars against the drivers to provide convenience and safety to driving.

24 convenient humanized storage spaces

24 convenient humanized storage spaces in the car. Rich storage spaces provide convenience to the customers for belongings storage at will, and avoid embarrassment of no space for belongings.


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