Dynamic fashion appearance
Health and environmental protection interior
DVVT strong power engine
A quiet and comfortable driving space
Safety concern meticulous
Rich practical technology configuration


Eagle-eye-like smart protruding headlights

The lights are smart as eagle eyes. Integrated high and passing beams are protruding headlights with hidden turn light design, premium light brow shaping design, and the pleasantly staggered high-tech and chrome-plated shaping decoration design appear fashionable and graceful.

U-Face fashionable chrome-plated front grilles

Dynamic and exquisite chrome-plated upper intake grille shaping, through lower intake grille, and dynamic and smart lower spoiler skirt shaping; full of tension and dynamics to make the car look young and fashionable.

H.D.S. technology

The overall shape is calculated in detail according to speed and net weight of the car as the best interpretation of scientific design. Wind resistance parameter is lowered through creation of turbulence to reduce fuel consumption, and increase car speed and stability of the car during its traveling as perfect combination of beauty and usefulness.

Smart LED rear light set

Duck-tail truck shaping, and reflection-plate-embedded through rear bumper shaping. More cubic duck-tail trunk, such as that of a sports car, makes the car more dynamic and technological.


Wing-shaped center console, and central console panel full of technological sense

Horizontal hug-style integrated eagle-shaped center console creates warmth, safety and dynamics; smart shape is equipped with air-conditioning vent with disordered metal color matched with black multi-button center console panel to create strong technological sense of the cars.

Ergonomic interior space

When sitting in the seat, one has the most comfortable position by 120 degrees between the shoulders and the thighs. 120 degrees of comfortable seats make the waist muscle relaxed, the legs comfortably placed on the floor, and the blood veins from abdomen to the thighs without pressure against regular blood circulation in line with physiological needs of human bodies during their resting. The armrests fit the arrangement curves of the human arms with rising design for their comfortable rest.

38 dB quiet space (N.V.H)

NVH creates comfortable and pleasant mute environment; all the material is processed by steel sections with high precision, excellent strength and sound durability. The structure design, in line with medium/premium car models, provides quality feelings to the users.


DVVT+7CVT Golden Powertrain

1.6L DVVT engine may increase acceleration by 12% as compared with ordinary engines. It adopts continuous and variable intake/exhaust timing technology with stronger power; cost efficiency of fuel may increase by over 20% and save more fuel consumption.

Lotus Engineering Adjusted chassis

Chassis adjustment is conducted by Lotus, the well-known British sports car company, including adjustment and optimization of 29 chassis evaluation indicators and functions. With super fine adjustment and the latest technological improvement, they arrange front and rear stabilizer bars, provide more leaning rigidity, well control car sideward leaning, perfectly match front and rear suspensions and guarantee compact and comfortable driving experience to the cars.

Optimized front McPherson & rear multi-link independent suspension

Optimized front McPherson & rear multi-link independent suspension can better buffer road shocking and fully absorb vibration. With super fine adjustment and the latest technological improvement, they have achieved perfect combination of operation and comfort and guaranteed stable car traveling at no expense of comfort.

Electronic power steering system

Convenient in low speed and stable in high speed, it powers with speed, effectively avoids sideward sliding and drifting risk for over steering, keeps stability of cars, and provides special comfortable and safe experience.


3R BODY light anti-collision bodies

The car bodies rarely adopt over 45% of high-strength steel plates in the A-segment cars, introduce thermal forming technology as only adopted by luxurious cars, create unparalleled 3R Body light anti-collision bodies, and reduce injury of the drivers or passengers for more safety in case of emergency.

Thermal-formed ultra-high-strength steel plates for luxurious cars

7 parts of the cars adopt thermal-formed ultra-high-strength steel plates to create “safety-cage” living space. Key parts of the cars introduce thermal-formed ultra-high-strength steel plates (with effective yield strength of up to 1,600MPa) as adopted by the medium/premium cars. The strength is increased by 3-5 times for more safety of the cars.

Six-in-one safety airbag

It is equipped with front double safety airbag, front seat-side airbags and front/rear through curtain airbags for full safety care to the drivers and passengers.


Luxurious 7-inch ultra-large touch screen entertainment navigation system

7-inch HD (WVGA) display touch screen; HD large screen to reproduce quality film.

360° intelligent driving infotainment system

Multimedia-supported 5 audio formats including mp3 and wma, 13 video formats including avi and rmvb, as well as picture formats including JPG, BMP, etc for more comprehensive entertainment enjoyment; USB charging for 5 equipments including iPhone to create technological and fashionable enjoyment.

Abundant storage spaces

In full consideration of the users, the development team has designed as many as 30 storage spaces according to the “the twenty living objects most frequently brought into the car by the users” as proposed by J. D. Power. As a result, the users can freely arrange their belongings in the car.

Valeo passive entry and one-button start system

Intelligent key detection within 2 m from the driver’s door, front passenger door and rear doors for convenient operation and unique technological charm to the car owners.

Dynamic rear view reversing image system

It supports static and dynamic backing guides function. Dynamic guides instantly move with turning of the steering wheel to improve convenience and safety of the users in reversing.

Ultra-large trunk

By adjusting the installing position of the mechanical parts and using hydraulic supporting pole, it can reduce occupation of the trunk, maximize the usable area and ensure convenient travel.


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