Bright exterior
Technological interior trimmings
Modernized design
Lightweight technology
Transmission with steady acceleration performance


Power-adjusted headlights

The power-adjusted headlights make it easier for the driver to adjust the beam of the headlights. And an adjust-knob is installed on the steering light lever.

Chubby and symmetric side

The power-adjusted headlights make it easier for the driver to adjust the beam of the headlights. And an adjust-knob is installed on the steering light lever.

The electric heating rear-view mirror

The electric heating rear-view mirror removes conveniently the fog in the mirror, thus maintaining driving safety when driving in rainy or snowy days. LED steering light on the rear-view mirror. LED radiates 0.2 s quicker than ordinary bulbs, hence it increases the speed of signal transmission, thus improv- ing safety performance.

The chromeplated door handle

The chromeplated door handle raises the Eastar’s level.

Striking tail lights

The taillights are integrated, and as long as the D polar. While ensuring safety, they add something smart to the vehicle.The taillights adopt LED luminous device, owning high penetrating perfor- mance. Under the circumstances that the visibility is very low, they allow the cars behind to know in advance the moves of the Eastar. In addition, LED radiates 0.2s quicker than ordinary bulbs, hence it increases the speed of signal transmission, thus improving safety performance.

High-mounted brake light

The high-mounted brake light of the Eastar adopts LED light device, very penetrative. In circumstances of poor visibility, it’ll make the car behind know in advance the moves of the Eastar. In addition, LED radiates 0.2 s quicker than ordinary bulbs, hence it increases the speed of signal transmission, thus improving safety performance.


Flexible seat combination & arrangement

The Eastar has 7 or 5 seats arranged in 3 rows, while the seats in the mid row are arranged in 2+1 style and they are separable, movable and foldable. Of course the back row seats can be arranged and combined at will, too.The Eastar provides a unique seat fold & flatly-laid system (FFS) for you. The seats of the mid and back rows can be folded and laid down flatly, which works out more than 20 combinations, thus extending the interior space and instantaneously satisfying your needs. The flexible interior space of the Eastar puts your splendid life to the extreme, no matter the pleasure of fishing or the joy of having a tour with your family.To give the back row passengers a relatively ideal field of vision and make them enjoy the same beautiful scene with the front row passengers, the second row seats are raised a little.

The dashboard

The dashboard is displayed via LCD, very clear and easy to read, thus improving safety performance.The both sides of the dashboard are decorated by peach wood, which reflects warmth and high quality.

3-spoke steering wheel

The chubby 3-spoke steering wheel adopts intenerated materials, thus feeling great.

8-way adjustable swing seat

The 8–way adjustable swing driver seat and the human engineer based mid/back row seats will no longer make your driving and riding a burden.


Low rev, high-power

The ACTECO engine owns the merits of low rev, high torque, etc. It performs best at about 2000 rpm, i.e. the accomplishment of best fuel economy and strong power output.
When operates at 2000 rpm, the ACTECO 2.0 L engine gives out a torque of 168 N.m and the maximum torque of 180 N.m can be achieved at 4000 rpm. Such a feature of low rev and high-power is more suitable for the jammed traffic in the cities. No matter in idle operation, startup, or low speed driving, it provides the best fuel efficiency, and maintains the continuous acceleration performance at the same time.

Transmission with steady acceleration performance

The transmission of the Eastar is an integration of a gearbox and a differential, and its clutch system is all-hydraulic.The hydraulic clutch linkage is composed of a fork and a release bearing. The board type interlock mechanism prevents disordered shift. There is a structure in the mechanism that prevent miss-shift of reverse gear.

Stable suspension system

The chassis of the Eastar and its control system are adjusted Britain Lotus and Italy Prototipo respectively, reaching the Euro 4-star NACP crash standard.The front suspension is McPherson independent suspension. With compact structure, the parameters of its front wheel alignment change little when the wheels jump, owning excellent driving stability. The rear suspension is McPherson semi-independent trailing arm suspen- sion, possessing flexible spring vibration absorbing function, improving handling performance while paying attention to comfort.


High intensity material

In addition, what satisfies you most is the body material. The dual face galvanized steel plate is 0.6 mm to 3.0 mm thick. Such material owns great antisepsis ability. In the meantime, the intensity of the body is increased by 60%.


The ABS prevents the lock of tires appropriately. In case of emergency, it brings the brake performance into full play. The EBD, electronic brake force distribution system detects automatically the load of front and rear wheels, running difference or status of lock, appropriately distributes optimal brake force, and efficiently reduces brake distance, thus ensuring the steady control performance of the vehicle.

Swiftly-reacting dual air bags

Dual air bags are standard features of the Eastar, which provide instanta- neous protection for you. When head-on collision occurs, the air bag com- pletes air inflation within 0.04 s. These air bags are supplied by Sweden Autoliv, the world biggest auto safety components supplier, hence they own extremely reliable perfor- mance.

4-probe reverse radar

The Eastar is equipped with a dual probe reverse radar of which the maximum detectable distance is 1.49 m, while the minimum one is shorter than 0.3 m. In the meantime, it applies a 4-phase warning, and the distance displayed is accurate to cm. All these help the driver to know in advance the status of reverse, thus reducing the possibili- ties of accidents.

Safety belt

The pre-tight, 3-point, height-adjustable safety belt is also a necessity of the vehicle. The pre-tight device of such safety belt acts imme- diately when collision occurs, which fixes the passengers to the seats by tightening the belt, so as to avoid the second collision and the damage caused by air bag operation.

Childproof lock

When a child is seated in the rear seat, the childproof lock prevents the child from opening the door accidentally, so as to avoid accidents.

Brake system

The Eastar adopts the brake system of front ventilative disc brake and rear solid disc brake. The disc brake owns the merits of fast radia- tion, lightweight, simple structure, and convenient adjustment. In particular, it is high-temperature resistant when heavily loaded. In addition, it works steadily, not afraid of mud-invasion, quite suitable for driving in winter and on rough roads.


Intelligent remote key

The models of the Eastar series are equipped with foldable remote key which is an integration of a remote control and a foldable key. It remotely controls the doors, the windows, the boot and the skylight.

Intelligent zoning-controlled independent ther- mostatic A/C

The Eastar is equipped with Intelligent zoning-controlled independent thermostatic A/C. In addition, dust and air filters are installed, which brings fresh air and maintains agreeable temperature. The adoption of intelligent zoning-controlled independent thermostatic A/C enables the driver and front row passenger to adjust the temperature indepen- dently. The solar intensity sensor adjusts automatically the air speed and the temperature of the A/C according to the light intensity and the exterior temperature.

Nature-oriented power skylight

For those nature lovers, the designers of the Eastar have prepared a twomode slide-in skylight. While improving the quality of the vehicle, it provides a channel for the driver to communicate with the nature, and also it prevents dust and noise caused by opening the side windows, making the passengers approach the nature and enjoy more sunshine. What is more important is that it owns the function of air exhaust, thus keeping the interior air ventilating and fresh.

Onboard computer

The dashboard of the Eastar is sensitive and self-adaptable. Its transparent LCD adjusts its contrast according to the light intensity. No matter in daylight or at night, in sunny or cloudy days, the driver can read the relevant driving data with ease, at any time and under any light intensity.

Convenience at hand

In terms of convenience, the Eastar prepares a lot of storage boxes for its owner, as many as 28 to be exact, quite convenient for you. The tool box for the driver’s tools is located under the 3rd row seats, which increases the storage space, and makes the interior of the vehicle neat as well.


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