Dynamic design
User-friendly technology
Considerate safety
Flexible space


Boomerang type headlamp

Boomerang headlamp modeling and the curves are naturally connected with grille, pretty stretching and appropriate. Own the largest lamp width among cars of the same class, have wider irradiation scope and enjoy safer driving at night.

Whale front-face modeling

The whale is large in shape,but it looks lively and cute instead of ferocious and tough,so it feels free to swim in water.The same is true with Fulwin 2 HB driven on the road.V-shape grille suggests victory that embodies active progress.

Dynamically carved bumper

The bumper is inlaid with honeycomb griller, which increases air supply amount and reduces drag coefficiency, so drivers could enjoy soaring speeds and perfectly control fuel consumption.

Aluminum alloy hub as in the sports car

Creative 10-radiation spoke design makes the car dynamic when driving or parking. Aluminum alloy hub has better performance in heat dissipation for safer high-speed driving.

Three-wave beltline combination

The high beltline runs around the car,links head-lamps and rear-lamps.The middle beltline draws the outline of "texture"in the rear part,plump and round,following the development trend of modern cars.The low beltline keeps the car from being rubbed while maintaining its aesthetics.

Three-dimensional taillight

Three-dimensional combination tailight presented by three arc surfaces, embody the "simple" design concept with rear fog lamp integrated in the tailight.


Fine and smooth central console

The central console applies environmental protection technology,it feels finer and keeps pretty good elasticity at low-temperature,and its chemical property is steady,so it has advantages like aging resistance,abrasion-resistance,deformation resistance,etc.

Highly efficient air-conditioner

Stepless adjustment of temperatures and air speeds makes the adjustment more accurate and the temperatures more agreeable.

6 speaker Hi-Fi stereo

Have 6 standard configuration loudspeakers in the car that is rarre for the same class car and create surround sound in the car.

High-support comfortable seat

Thickened front seat cushion better fits thigh shape;heighten the seat in the parts for hip and waist sides to form an arch parcel shape,better support human body and mitigate fatigue from long journeys.


Engine with excellent performance

High torque in wide speed range,with outstanding power per liter,user-friendly,energy-saving and high efficiency.

Outstanding power per liter

Outstanding power per liter exceeds counterparts of the same class by 36%,and abundant standby power enabled the engine to run more smoothly with less noise and a longer service life.

Double-torque peak value

The larger the torque is,the faster the acceleration will be.At 3,000 and 5,000rpm,A13 are both close to the torque peak value.Whatever low or high speeds,they could have a steady power output.

Meticulously adjusted suspension system

With its simple structure,sparing space and fast response speeds,the front Macpherson suspension is the mostoptimized front suspension with comprehensive performance currently.The twist beam rear suspension improves the comforts and manipulation of small cars and expand the riding space in the rear row.


Dual airbags

The dual airbags protect thehead and neck of passengers,reduce injury caused by the steering wheel and central console to passengers in the front row.

Upscale safety headrest

The height of headrests in the front and rearrows are adjustable,and L-sharpe upscale headrest is adopted in the rear row,which is rare for B-class cars.It offers support to the necks of passengers in the rear row effectively and lowers the risk of cervical dislocation in case of collision.

Collision-induces automatic unlocking and emergency escape system

Automatic unlocking:the airbags give out collision signals when collision occours,then BCM is forced to give unlocking instructions after receiving the signal,and the central control door lock opens automatically. Emergency escape:if the car door cannot be opened in case of emergencies such as power cutage,put down the seat in the rear row,use the cable in the car to open the hatchback for escape.


The ABS owe functions to guarantee steering during braking,shorten the brake distance,and reduce abnormal wearing of tires.The EBD automatically allocate the braking force according to the wheel adhesive force,maximize to improve the brake efficiency when guaranteeing steady brake directions.

Wide size tires

The Fulwin 2 HB with 195 mm-wide tires could improve tire rigidity,reduce tread deformation at curves,and boost the feeling about the steering wheel,so the driver could easily deal with emergancies.The improved tire rigidity and brake stability could effectively cut short the brake distance.


Intelligent reverse radar

Super-large angles with 110±15 degrees in the horizontal direction and 60±10 degrees in the vertical direction facilitate wider detection scope,in particular,more helpful for beginners or girls.

Intelligent electric control

Four doors are electrically adjustable,easy and convenient.The central control door lock controls the opening and closing of four doors by one button in an easy and convenient way.

Abundant room for driving and riding

2527mm wheelbase,longer than car models of the same class,the longest distance between the front and rear seats 390mm for free movement of legs.The vertical height of cushion is 910mm,leaving at least 50mm high space above the head,dispelling the feeling of suppression.

Spacious access passage

860mm-wide rear door access passages makes it easy for passengers to get on and out of the car,especially convenient for kids and female passengers.

Flexible hatchback trunk

The rear door is 193cm high above the ground after opening,free from worrying about knocking heads;the opening is 117cm wide an 94cm deep,so the trunk could hold articles for daily use,and with the thoughtful design,you do not need ro bend over to find articles inside.

Rich storage setting

There are plenty storages inside for various needs in limited space.With the flexible space,Fulwin 2 HB is our moble home.


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