A passionful demonstration of fashion and energy. Streamline body, shine with sporty sense
Cool black interior
Perfect combination on strong power
With delicacy in operation and driving in calm
All-around safety assured
Appealing design,enjoy the pleasure



One-piece design of eagle eye type with sooted crystal diamond (with optical lens) is clear and sportier, which enhances the structural layering sense of the lighting sets. The adjustable height makes the lighting horizon brighter and longer to achieve the best road lighting effect.

Front Grille

Black vertical grille intake grille demonstrates a sporty and powerful style. The top and bottom intake grille ensures efficient air inflow and improves fuel efficiency.

Electrical outside rearview mirror

The broad rearview mirrors share the same color with the body.

Double five-spoke aluminum alloy wheel hub

Radial pattern of wheel rib, concise, tough, full of strength and also with efficient cooling ability, thus the braking performance is greatly enhanced.

Rear window

Shrinking the rear quarter area and broadening the rear window design makes the 76cm rear window can go up and down as a whole, which makes a clear and bright inside space, and the driver feels more comfortable.

Rear molding

A texture line connecting the rear-box door and rear light, together with the design of rear bumper, forms well-arranged stereoscopic layers and highlights the sporty style. The whole rear part is added with flexibleness and vitality.


Double central console

“Gull wing” bionics design has obvious angular and strong visual impact. The layout and settings of buttons are oriented with users, meeting basic requirement of ergonomic operation.

Steering wheel

Multi-function three-spoke steering wheel is designed to fit with hands on the hand-holding position. The touching is exquisite and more humanity, which increase the driving pleasure as well as safety.

Barrel-typed instrument panel

The design of polygonal barrel-type dashboard with irregular corners gives a stereo visual impact and sportier feelings. It can show about 20 items of information, including stage mileage,accurate display of door ajar and reminder of seat belt.


Cool black sporty seats are made of advanced woven fabrics that are carefully tailored with stereo projection textile techniques.


The capacity is 450L, the space of the trunk can be expanded to 1450L by unfolding rear seats.



The lightweight design of SOHC 16 valves engine is self-developed by Chery,which boasts three advanced technologies so as to raise the aspiration area on intake and exhaust side by 15%, letting more air participating in the mixed burning, synchronizing with the engine technology worldwide for smooth operation of engine and more efficient burning.


The shifts are displayed clearly with high transmission efficiency, easy to handle:the shift gear head is wrapped with leather,designed to be suitable for palm, more enjoyment it will bring during the driving.


McPherson-type front suspension: The structure is simple, saving more spaces, with quick response. The camber angle can be automatically adjusted with self-adaption to road surface at turning, maximizing ground contact with the tires and guaranteeing stability in driving.
Vertical trailing arm type suspension: Compact layout of the simple structure enhances the loading space and flatness of the rear seats area. Damping force could be adjusted precisely and flexibly during braking, thus comfort and stability is guaranteed in driving.

N.V.H. muting technology

The structure optimization is made on components such as dash panel, A, B, C pillar, roof, ceiling, exterior mirrors and car wheel trim. Sound insulation base plate and granular floor mat are designed in order to enhance the sound insulation, vibration isolation, shield and sealing ability of all these parts, this also greatly reduced the noise inside the car, the noise at the idle state of car is reduced to as low as 43 dB, the calm and joyful environment is achieved for drivers.


Cage-typed body with high rigidity

Cage-typed body of re-entry capsule type, with high performance on antideformation.The front longitudinal beam of the body is formed by pressed and punched steel plates with different thickness after laser welding processing (The inner diameter of longitudinal beam is 8cm; the outer diameter is 12.8cm).


Double airbags, when the car collides, airbag is opened instantly, buffering the impact force exerted to chests and faces of the driver and the front passenger. Life safety is efficiently guaranteed for the driver and passenger.

The sink design of engine collision

When there was a collision on the frontal side of car, the fixed bracket was automatically broken, the whole engine was sunk, it will not be inserted into the cabin, thus the injury to passenger is prevented.

Self-unlocking function in collision

Once a collision occurs, the safety airbag module will send the collision output signal through CAN bus, by the time BCM receives the collision signal, it will unlock the door immediately, and sending the unlocking signal in one second again, letting the driver or passenger achieve the self-help and escape from danger as soon as possible.

ABS+EBD system

The ABS system boasts car safety control merits like anti-slippery and antilock brake, so it provides with the system quick response ability, shortened the braking distance, keeping the steering control during braking,abnormal abrasion on tires is reduced; The braking force distribution ratio on front and rear axles can be auto adjusted by EBD, thus braking efficiency is enhanced.


Folding-typed remote control key

With the key, it can remote control doors and the trunk, which is convenient and practical.

Humanized lock hole reminder

When the driver side door is opened, BCM starts lighting for the ignition of lock cylinder,when the door is closed, the lighting can keep for 8 seconds, so it is easy to start the car in the dark; if the engine is switched off and the key is still left there, open the driver door, there will be buzzing sound, reminding the driver and passengers of the key in the lock hole.

Smart reversing radar

Ultrasonic radar sensor, using the wider detect angle scope (it is 110±15 degrees horizontally and 60±10 degrees vertically), comprehensively control the way around, a perfect parking is realized.

Efficient cooling and heating AC

Free control on cooling and heating, when the driver or passenger preset the temperature, the system will automatically reach the desired temperature as soon as possible.

The design of wide door

The widened door demonstrates the style of speedster, and the heightened door with a 72cm height is convenient for the driver or passengers to get on and off the car.

The flexible storage space

New Fulwin2 FL HB provides abundant space for small articles, and it is easy to get articles, catering for demands of the driver or passengers for storing articles with more convenience.


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