Dynamic appearance
Super large space
Individualized interior trim


Happy “Smile Face” Design

New QQ inherits the happy gene of QQ Family, and its “Smile Face” design originates from the little Star Nemo in the movie Finding Nemo, conveying a happy and nimble feeling.

Diamond-like Shining Headlamp with Distinctive Shape

The combined headlamp, which consists of high/low beam, width lamp, and steering lamp, features precise structure and has stereoscopic modeling design, providing a higher lighting efficiency.

Front Grille

The grille air intake, which is almost as wide as the car, prolongs the car’s horizontal visual effect, and honeycomb-style grille produces a dynamic sense.

Side Doorframe and Rear Door Handle

The window-connected rear door handle design takes on “Q” shape, construing the meaning of QQ Family in a unique way.

Panoramic Rear Window Glass

Panoramic rear window made of tempered materials brings you a super large visual experience, and provides such functions as glass heating and cleaning etc., making you always get clear field of vision behind.

Integral Hatch-back Trunk Door

Large-opening tail door design in tandem with hydraulic lifter enable you to open the tail door more easily and conveniently. That also facilitates you to fetch or store objects.


Centre Console

The Transformer-like centre console design is of more individualized elements. Specifically, the door panel is fashionable in modeling and assimilates the popular “Round and Sleek” design style.

Vigorous and Illuminant Digital Instrument

The real-time activated orange backlight and the point’s white backlight form a sharp contrast, and the LED Display’s rotating speed is of dynamic sense. On the LCD, real-time vehicle speed will be displayed in a digital manner, making you keep abreast of the driving condition at any time.

Steering Wheel

Sporty steering wheel design, in addition to the protruded hand-holding part, gives out a dynamic and fashionable feeling on the whole.

Foldable Rear Seats

After all rear-row seats have been folded completely, the vehicle space can even touch 636L, higher than that of its counterparts.

Highly Wrapped Knitting Seat

In addition to its good wrapping performance and anti-submarining function, seat in line with human engineering is of novel shape and sets the pace in fashion.



The roller arm adopts roller arm, which has light weight and greatly reduced noise when working with no need of lubrication.The material of light weight aluminum alloy makes the structure firm and compact, which reduces the body weight.Plastic inlet manifold: Improve the volumetric efficiency at high speed and give attention to high-speed, high efficiency and medium-low rotating speed torque.Double overhead camshaft (DOHC): More accurate air distribution and more efficient fuel utilization.


New QQ adopts the AMT gearbox that integrates both AT and MT’s strong points. In a manner of speaking, the gearbox not only has automatic transmission’s advantages,but also keeps manual transmission’s strong points like high efficiency, low cost,and easy to produce.

Suspension System

Front suspension adopts the McPherson suspension system tailored to mini cars,which has such traits as light weight, fast response speed, strong shock-absorbing performance, and small space usage.


Brake System ABS+EBD

Highly-configured Protection Ensures Your Safety and Brings You Excellent Brake Performance.

Energy-absorbing Steering Column

In the event of collision, the energy-absorbing steering column will retract to enlarge the distance to the driver, so as to increase the front-row passenger and driver’s safety space, and prevent the driver from getting injured at head and chest.

Air Bag

Front-row seats are equipped with full-size air bags,which can mitigate the passenger and driver’s injury in unexpected collision.

Cage-type Body

Cage-type steel body is of such strong points like light weight, low height, and easy assembling etc.


Intelligent Body Control System

Anti-theft Body: one-button defense and LED anti-theft indicator rid you of further worries after the car door is locked. Emergency Assistance Unlocking and Help System: In the case of vehicle collision, such system will automatically acquire signal and execute two unlocking operations.

Four-door Power Window

Through the Remote One-button Automatic Lifting Window, you can control the door lock remotely, and the window can be closed automatically.

USB Digital Play Interface

Fashionable MP3 interface meets the consumers’ demands for music play.

People-oriented Storage Design

Storage spaces provided all over the instrument panel are of reasonable distribution and appropriate size.


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