Clear cut, beautiful,revealing unique beauty of toughness.
Dual color of upper dark and lower light inside is simple and bright.Application of traditional linear design style creates a comfortable and warm interior.
Punchy power for energetic all the way
Sufficient shock absorption for undisturbed journey


Rear reflective band

The reflective band is affixed on the tail of the tailboard of the vehicle,which changes the conventional bare and dull appearance. The warning effect is great.

Rear fog lamp

It provides the vehicles afterward with good warning effect in the rain and fog weather as well as in the case of low visibility at night..

Tail lamp

The assembled tail lamp with spaced colors not only makes the tail look slinky and elegant while increasing the scope of illumination, but also reduces the collision during loading or unloading the goods.


Central console

The layout of the central console is reasonable.The overall style is magnificent.The buttons and knobs are placed sequentially and easy to operate.

Steering wheel

The two-spoke steering wheel has comfortable feel with up/down adjustable function,which can assure the drivera comfortable driving position.

The multi-functional pointer for instrument panel

Titanium silver line looks more pleasant. Large-diameter instrument panel design with LED background lights ensure sharp and clear vision in any lighting condition.


5MT Transmission

Chery independent five-speed manual transmission shows strong acceleration and stable performance and power delivery, highly matched with the engine.

Firm chassis

Truck-style solid chassis design: two side members and eight cross members design makes a breakthrough from other traditional mini-car chassis. The thickness of the side member is up to 2mm which increases carrying capacity.

Front Suspension

MacPherson independent suspension improves driving comfort. The 12mm diameter cylindrical spring and two-way cylindrical shock absorber improves shock absorbing and loading capacity.

Rear suspension

Five thickened steel plates as rigid axle suspension, two-way cylindrical damper greatly enhanced the driving comfort and absorbing capacity. Size of each steel board (width × thick): 60mm x 7mm.


All metal semi-integral cage body

All metal semi-integral cage body is made of hi-strength steel board (board thickness of 0.8 mm, vertical beam thickness of 2mm). The front and rear bumpers are strengthened to from three impact absorbing areas in front middle and rear. Cage body structure composed of 2 vertical, 9 horizontal beams and top 6 beams greatly enhanced body safety. B column and C column integrated structure also makes the body safety and firm with higher carrying capacity.

Front safety space

730mm front protection space enlarges impact absorbing area to increase safety performance.

Collapsible energy-absorbing steering column

Collapsible steering column on collision can set distance and protect front occupants from head and chest injuries.

Side door steel beam

Cross shape strengthened steel beam in side doors can absorb impact force at collision and prevent car doors distortion in order to improve protection in side impact crashes.

Braking system

Front-wheel disc brakes: 3.5 inch large-size ventilated disc brake and caliper disc brake have good response, stability and heat dissipation.Rear drum brake: stable braking effect and low cost.

Wide cargo carrying tyre

It applies strong bearing capacity steel rims and the small steel cover is beautiful; It is equipped with 175/65 R14 to / 165R13C special light truck tyres, thus it has not only super-carrying capacity but also improved tyre grip.


Hand banisters of rear window

The large rear window is equipped with hand banisters, which make it convenient for people to hold and fix the goods.

Wide rear-view mirror

With wide-angle rearview mirror in size of 155mm * 155mm, the rear vision is clear, bright and much safer.

Black door handle

Black, solemn, generous, eye-catching and easy to identify.

Overhead active amplifier antenna

Hidden overhead larger antenna enjoys higher and stronger signal receiving while maintains unified appearance.


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