Design: Round, Dazzling, Modern, Cute
Advanced & Intelligent E Technology
Easy Drive, Happy Life
Convenient & Smart, First Choice for Transportation
Comfortable Riding Space,Versatile Storage Trunk


Fashionable arc-shaped design

The integral crystal headlights and the U-shaped streamline engine hood compose a smiling mouth,endowing QQ3 with a sunny, happy and modern style.

Vivid Visual Experience

The streamline body design of QQ3 endows the side with a vivid feeling.And the roof rack adds something esthetic and practical.

Roof Rack

The roof rack of QQ3 provides better service for self-drive tourists by increasing load capacity.

Aluminum Rim

Add esthetic element to the car


The spoiler of QQ3 reduces wind resistance effectively when driving at high speed.

Chic Arc Taillights

The wrap egg-shape taillights look like two shiny eyes. The arc wrap design makes the lights integrate with the body, thus making rear look more dynamic.


Modern & Cute Multi-functional Central Console

The central console of QQ3 multi-functional digital port interfaces with MP3, flash disk, SD card and portable hard drive and largely satisfies its owners’ needs for driving amusement.

Dazzling Dashboard

The gulf-type romantic dashboard design reveals a fluent and stylish feeling.According to their own favor, the owners of QQ3 can change their dashboard into colors of illusion, crystal and pearl, etc, fully displaying fashion and dazzle.

Considerate Seats

The seats of QQ3 are pressure release seats following ergonomics, which release uncomfortableness caused by long time driving and distribute pressure to legs, so as to reduce travel fatigue.

Flexible & Versatile Large Trunk

The rear row seats of QQ3 can be folded flat, creating a versatile trunk of which the maximum load capacity is 1300L. The hatchback door makes it more convenient for you to carry large cargo.


High Value Engine

1.1L QQ3 adopts CAC 4cylinder 16V DOHC engine, thus smoother operation is ensured, and 4 valves in a cylinder ensures complete air in and out.

Transmission: AMT

The AMT transmission simulates excellent driver's driving habit to shift at the right time; also it corrects the improper operation of the drivers. This transmission features easy operation, fuel saving, zero power loss and low maintenance cost.


Close-type Cage Structure

The cage type body of QQ3 is a unitarily constructed close type steel structure, of which the anti-collision bar intensity reaches 1000-1200Mpa, so all-round safety is guaranteed. Safety index increases greatly.

Side Collision Protection

The four doors of QQ3 all adopt strengthened steel and enhanced anti-collision bars, which will effectively absorb impact, and prevent doors from deformation and hurting passengers when side collision occurs.

Safety Airbag

The optional front dual airbags increase the passive safety performance of the subcompact.

Crumple Steering Column

The crumple steering column of QQ3 crumples when collision occurs,so certain distance is kept between the column and the driver to increase safety space for driver and front passenger


QQ3 adopts the new general ABS+EBD of German technology.

Front Disc Rear Drum Braking System

QQ3’s front disc rear drum braking system responds well and shows outstanding stability.It features good heat dispersion, easy change and low use cost.


Remote Key

After getting off the car, if you are a distance away from the car, you don’t need to close the windows first, for when you lock the car remotely, the four windows will be closed automatically.

Petty Bourgeoisie Life Accompanied by Music

The optimized and upgraded multi-functional digital port of QQ3 interfaces with MP3, flash disk, SD card and portable hard drive.

Manual Thermostatic AC

The high performance & high quality electric AC provides quick and convenient refrigerating and heating.

Four Door Power Windows

The driver can control any of the four windows at his discretion.The power windows also avoid the trouble of manual control, making driving more convenient.

Internal Fuel Filler Cap

Personalized design, quick and convenient


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