Dynamic styling
Flexible spacious interior space
Strong power for driving fun
Safety care all the way
User-Friendly technology care


Front grille

X-shape inlet grille can take in sufficient air and improve the engine heat radiation and fuel efficiency.The chrome grille looks more luxurious.

Body-colored front bumper

Trapezoid bumper has the same color with the body and well-matched with the grille, elegantly beautiful. The bumper can absorb the collision force to improve safety performance.

Head fog lamps

Penetrating round fog lamps warn the driver in rainy or foggy day or at night.

Built-in dual layer moon roof

Large power moon roof for fresh air in the car and fantastic view on the road. It is easy to operate by pressing the key to select the outward half open or fully-open mode.

Spoiler integrated high mount braking light

Sporty empennage design enjoys not only a smooth line but serve to spoil the airflow influence. The spoiler integrated high mount braking light also give a good warn to the following car to keep distance.



Waterfall-like console with silver decoration looks bright and sporty. The whole board is designed following human engineering, with friendly layout, press keys and knobs.

Fabric seats

Large power moon roof for fresh air in the car and fantastic view on the road. It is easy to operate by pressing the key to select the outward half open or fully-open mode.

Feature seat

The feature seat with breather hole, exquisite workmanship, smooth hand feel, waist support and height adjustment.

Adjustable headrest

Head rest to support head, neck, relieve driving fatigue, and absorb impact force in emergency. The luxury adjustable head rest is rare in its category.

Dash brood

The black round dash board with blue light, very dynamic and fashionable. The multifunctional LCD screen display the fuel consumption and remind maintenance.

Multi-functional interior dimming rear view mirror

The mirror can prevent disturbance against driving from the rear strong light. There are technical functions with compass, altitude displayer, air pressure displayer.

6-direction adjustable driver seat

Driver seat can be adjusted in 6 directions to minimize the driving fatigue and improve comfort.

6:4 split reverse rear seats

Rear seats can fold in 6:4 and configure to generate more room.


Engine performance

Tiggo FL newly equipped with 1.6DVVT engine to adjust the air inlet and achieve big torque in low speed and high power in high speed, to control air fuel ratio to the best and improve stability at idling speed.

Transmission: MT

The standard trim is equipped with 5 speed manual transmission, enjoying smooth shift and bring more driving pleasure.Inter-lock intelligent lock structure that can prevent wrong gear reverse operation.

Advanced sedan chassis

Tiggo FL chassis is tuned by the strongest chassis tuning company-UK LOTUS to yield excellent handling and driving comfort.

Front Macpherson independent suspension

Space efficient, effectively reduce road jounce thus driving comfort.There is a 2mm balancing pole on the front suspension for better handling and body rigidity.

Rear suspension

Longitudinal towing arm double cross arm type independent suspension is equipped with stable poles. The inter-connected poles occupies smaller space and provide smooth stability and strong traction.

High pass ability

190mm ground clearance can easily pass rocky road.


All metal chassis integral body

The all metal integral body is stamped and welded from hi-strength galvanizing steel. There are collision force absorbing areas at front and rear which can absorb and decrease collision force to protect driver and passengers.


Front vented disk and rear solid disc braking system can well balance power distribution and efficiently radiate heat, light weight, braking operation stable.


ABS can avoid tire lock, keep the track direction and make braking possible in emergency. EBD can test and balance the traction difference between front wheels and rear wheels for driving safety at any given time.

Good front view

1705mm height and 190mm ground clearance to providebetter view, and the wide engine cover is low and flat,together with the adjustable driving seat provides a great safe driving view and minimize the blind zone.

Front SRS dual airbags

In driver cabinet, the 39L and 70L airbags can fence the passenger and effectively distribute force against head and chest.


Multifunction steering wheel
(with stereo control press key)

Adjustable to driver height for the most comfort. The multifunctional key is big and easy, safe to operate while driving.

Two-probe reverse sensor

More precisely sense the obstacle for more ease and safety.

Single disc CD
(with MP3 interface)+4 loudspeakers

The driver can entertain themselves at any seat with wonderful sound effect. (memorable multi disc CD (with MP3 interface)

Hydraulic steering

Light and easy to operate, agile to steer.

Plenty storages

There are plenty storages inside for various needs in limited space.


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