3X ReCool Design
DSS intelligent digital safety system
DSE intelligent digital energy-saving system
DSC intelligent digital system for driving and control


Tungsten-diamond headlamp

The sooty three-dimensional moving headlamp with cylinder shape ensures broader illumination range for driving at night.

Front grille

The U-form grille with honeycomb structure presents a standard smiling face, which is very endearing.It also improves the air-suction efficiency and fuel economy.

Waist line

The two waist lines penetrated on both sides enhance muscle sense and make the car look more vigorous and fluent.

Vigorous body luggage rack

The grey luggage rack with more sense of vigor has the bearing capacity of 45kg, which improves the loading space and makes the outside traveling more convenient.

Rear wing

The sporting rear wing with spoiler function can effectively reduce and overcome the influence of air resistance when driving at high speed and adds esthetic effect.

Hatchback air spring

The air spring, which is usually equipped by top grade cars, makes it more convenient to open the hatchback door.


Instrument desk

The dashboard of X1 adopts innovative design of being placed in the centre.The speed meter adopts electronic digital display and integrates the indication of instant fuel-consumption, continual voyage course and maintenance and so on.

Speed indicating bar

There is a semi-arc speed indicating light on the outer ring of digital display screen of the middle of dash board. The higher the speed is, the more lights will be turned on.

Anti-submarining 4-direction adjustable seat

The seats are made of fabric which has a soft texture and comfortable touch.The antisubmarining design greatly improves the slip resistance.

Headrest can be adjusted up and down

The headrest provides good support for head and neck.

Foldable rear seat

Both the 275L volume of enlarged trunk and 1000L space after folding the rear seat can meet the storage needs when traveling outside.


Engine performance

The roller arm adopts roller arm, which has light weight and greatly reduced noise when working with no need of lubrication.The material of light weight aluminum alloy makes the structure firm and compact, which reduces the body weight.Plastic inlet manifold: Improve the volumetric efficiency at high speed and give attention to high-speed, high efficiency and medium-low rotating speed torque.Double overhead camshaft (DOHC): More accurate air distribution and more efficient fuel utilization.


The gearbox has the characteristics of short shifting distance, clear gear and convenient operation.

Suspension system

The Macpherson independent front suspension can effectively buffer the impact from road ,improving riding comfortableness.The torsion beam semi-independent back suspension has good sports performance and excellent bearing capacity.

Intelligent digital display 3-probe reverse sensor

The reverse sensor with Multi-point monitoring and digital display visually reminds drivers of obstacles around,improving the parking safety.


High strength body structure

The high strength steel plate enhances the strength and safety of body.

High strength side bumper of front and rear doors

It can effectively absorb the collision force when side collision happens, preventing the deformation of door and injury of passengers and greatly improving the safety of two sides.


ABS can timely prevent the wheel lock when braking in emergency situation to avoid side slip and drift. EBD can timely distribute the optimal braking force to front and rear wheels and effectively shorten the brake distance to improve the driving safety.

4 disc Brakes

Respond quickly, good heat dispersion effect, effectively shorten the brake distance and guarantee the safety of both the car and people.

Front-row seamless dual airbags

The front row is equipped with full-sized airbags, which can decrease the injury to drivers and passengers in collision of accident.

Intelligent anti-theft

Intelligent and anti-theft engine: Every car is equipped with only one ID key. When the car is being locked,the anti-theft system is activated. When the car is started, the engine will automatically identify the ID in the key. If the ID in the key is inconsistent, the engine will be locked automatically.


Adjustable steering wheel

It adopts 3-spoke streamline design with strong fashion sense and can be adjusted up and down, mak ing dr iving more comfortable.

Hydraulic power steering

Convenient control, nimble steering and high accuracy of servo, etc.

Anti-dizzle inside rear view mirror

It can effectively reduce the interference to drivers from headlamp illumination of rear vehicles.

Electric sunroof

The driver can breathe fresh air anytime when opening the sunroof electrically.

CD+ MP3 interface+4 speakers

The sound control system is under the central console, easy for operation.The X1 sound system supports the input of external audio file and read of MP3 music, providing fun to the driving travel.

Electronic accelerator

It can be used to adjust the accelerator electrically, bringing more effective combustion of fuel, lower oil consumption and more environmental discharge.


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