A new generation high-performance middle-class pure electric vehicle by Chery for the global market. It is designed with refined quality and stylish appearance based on Chery Design Language, which won C-NCAP five-star security with 56.24 high score.


Innovative Design

H.D.S. body design, Chinese traditional elements in family-style front face, showing sporty and fashion

Eagle-eye dualbarrel instrument desk with clear vision, small light influence

New projected blackened white brow design


High-performance Handling

  • German sporty chassis tuning

  • (Li (NiCoMn) O2) lithium battery

  • Electronic knob shift

High-strength body, Braking distance of 42.4m per 100km, Five-in-one driving assistance

  • 3R-Body and cage-type structure design, thermal forming steel of luxury cars in six key parts, over 60% of high-strength steel for safer car body and easy handling

  • Far beyond competitors

  • ESP BOSCH, HHC, LUK, EPS, GSI as standard


Intelligent Technology

Simply carry the smart sensor key and close the vehicle to automatically unlock the door

Take Jaguar, Land Rover and other brands as reference, to make a sense of technology and quality