Chery's first plug-in hybrid model developed on the basis of the C-NCAP five-star safety standard, Arrizo 7e is in the leading level in China in terms of energy conservation, comfort, safety and technology, and is committed to bringing new green technology and new future to the target audience.


Fashionable Styling

Streamlined body and arc shape, lateral subduction double waist line design, the upper waist line goes across the door handle, making the whole vehicle elegant and decent.


Comfort Ride

  • UK elaborate LOTUS chassis+quiet space

  • Leading battery design

  • Perfect handling comfort

World advanced ESS hybrid technology, 930KM ultra-long life battery

  • Same ESS(Economical、Safety、Stability)technology hybrid system with the luxury auto brand

  • The total fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is only 1.9L

  • The engine can generate electricity at idle speed


Safe and reliable

Five-star safety, ultra-high strength steel cage-type body structure, six-in-one airbag, beyond-level safety quality, luxury active and passive safety equipment, providing multi-protection.