A new generation of pure electric vehicle by Chery on new energy , eQ1 is developed on the basis of Chery forward development technology platform, with the maximum driving mileage of 180 km, representing the innovation and breakthrough Chery made on new energy technology and marketing concept, it has set up the new standard of new energy vehicles, and has launched the new era of "green travel" for Chinese cars.


Fashionable Styling

Fashionable and dynamic modeling, angel-eye lens headlamp, hollow square grille, smiling front face, reflect the flexibility and smartness


Quality Safety

  • World’s leading  third generation pure electric technology platform

  • Hree-shift turn-knob+ electronic hand brake

  • Charging convenience, high voltage power loss protection

Initial all-aluminum space architecture ultra-high strength body technology

  • The body adopts high-strength magnesium aluminum alloy, the application is more than 93 percent, in the world leading level

  • The four-wheel independent suspension, rear engine in the back, and the front and rear axle shaft is close to 1:1, which offers the drivers a good sense of handling

  • Five-star safety collision standard


Intelligent Technology

Dual-color layered design, meet the international design standard, and reflect the dynamic fashion

With the function color display, it realizes intelligent split screen, and integrates navigation, reverse image, mobile mapping and other functions