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"AGORA BRASILEIRA"—Chery shines at Sao Paulo Auto Show, expecting bright future in Brazil

Nov 30, 2012|22 hits

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TX, Celer, Tiggo FL sparkle on Chery booth

On October 22, 2012, South America’s most influential auto show hold every two years opened in Sao Paulo, attracting over 100 automakers from across the world, some of which were big names. China’s largest independent passenger vehicle manufacturer Chery made brilliant appearance with a strong lineup of Celer (A13), Tiggo FL, QQ, Face (A1), Cielo (A3), S18, S18REEV and TX conceptual model, demonstrating its wide product range and tremendous technical strength.

Zhou Biren, president of Chery International, vice president of Chery Group, attended the press release hold on 23 October and expressed Chery’s wishes to the Brazilian press and consumers. He said: Brazil is one of the most important overseas markets, and because of this, Chery invested and build an auto producing base in Brazil which occupies one million square meters with producing capacity of 150000 units each year, attracting many supply chain enterprises to invest and manufacture products in Brazil. Chery Industrial Park will produce increasing number of vehicles popular for the Brazilian consumers , which proves that Chery is committed and dedicated to further develop in Brazil.

Chery has brought conceptual model TX. The fluid design elements of the model gives full rein to Chery’s new distinctive design concept. This is the first conceptual model designed according to the latest design concept and process after Chery’s full transformation, fully showcasing the transformation and reform of Chery’s design concept and process, its increasingly mature R & D system, the changes of Chery and Chinese auto brands and their good outlook.

After being launched in several countries, stylish family car Celer has gained great recognition. Based on the characteristics of the Brazilian market, many adjustments have been made to the model for launching in Brazil, such as Flexfuel engine up to Brazilian fuel and emission standards, and suspension tune-up more suitable to Brazilian roads. The model may be rated a star model tailored to Brazil. In view of the close attention Celer has drawn on the scene, it is believed to enjoy great popularity after its launch in the local market.

Besides, Chery exhibited Tiggo FL, a successor to global appeal Tiggo. The model retains SUVs’ outstanding passing capacity and shock absorption, and mixes in many car elements, to satisfy drivers’ demands in such aspects as comfort, cross-country ability and versatility. Tiggo FL is expected to be launched in Brazil next year, when consumers will be able to personally experience the drive fun from the popular SUV.

During the show, Chery International will launch the activities of “Chery Global Culture Tour”, which aims to interpret Chery’s faith in better integrating its brand spirit, product characteristics and cultural merge with Brazilian market through activities.

Chery takes roots in Brazil with effort in localization

Over 3.42 million vehicles were sold in Brazil in 2011, up 2.9 percent year on year. According to the industry analysis, it was predicted that over 5 million vehicles will be sold in Brazil every year from 2015 to 2016, which is a great potential market.

The Brazilian market has grown rapidly, attracting global auto giants to make investment and build plants here. In 2011, Chery invested 400 million US dollars in building a wholly-owned plant in Jacarei, Sao Paulo, which will manufacture 150,000 units per year at full capacity and launch the production of new models including Celer FL in late 2013. The plant is part of Chery Brazil Industrial Park, which will attract a host of competitive Brazilian parts suppliers to form a complete auto industrial supply chain system. After the Brazilian government approved of the program for the incentive to Technological Innovation and for the Growth of the Vehicle Productive Chain(INOVAR-AUTO), Chery also plans to increase the investment in the Brazilian plant to build an R & D center on the basis of the existing plan. The factory is building according plans.

Chery entered Brazil in 2009 and sold 21,682 units in Brazil in 2011, with a share of 0.63 percent. In the expectable future, Chery will push forward marketing transformation in Brazil, and press ahead with its localization in Brazil through localized production, sale, service and management, thus progressively growing into a globally influentially auto brand.

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