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Chery A3 launched in Argentina

Aug 3, 2012|22 hits

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From July 19 to 31, 2012, Argentina’s largest national agriculture and machinery exhibition La Rural was held at the capital convention & exhibition center. As one of Argentina’s most influential national exhibitions, La Rural covers fields including agriculture, machinery, electronics and automobile. Among auto exhibitors were European and American brands like Volkswagen, GM, Fiat and Ford, as well as Japanese and Korean brands like Toyota and Hyundai. As the only Chinese auto exhibitor, Chery exhibited six models and launched its global luxury model A3 in Argentina.

A3 represents Chery’s “luxury series” targeting the global market. The high-tech model carries Chery’s high-performance ACTECO engine, with its rear axle using advanced four-connecting-rod independent suspension system. A3’s quality has withstood the rigorous tests of “100,000-kilometer continuous public tests” and “five-star safety collision tests” (C-NCAP). Since its launch in several countries, A3 has gained unanimous praise from customers and distributors for its fashionable and dynamic modeling, humanized intelligent equipment, outstanding maneuverability and reassuring safety. Therefore, A3’s launch in Argentina has garnered close attention from all walks of life. Apart from distributors from around Argentina, other attendees to the launch ceremony included the first secretary of the counselor’s office of the Chinese embassy in Argentina, Mayor of Argentina Jose C. Paz, the president of the China-Argentina Machinery Association, the president of SOCMA Group, etc.

As the prelude to the new vehicle presentation, Nicolini, general manager of Chery Argentina, introduced Chery brand elaborately, fully demonstrating Chery’s rapid growth and brilliant results in China and abroad. Subsequently, Adrian, manager of the market department, introduced A3’s positioning and marketing plan to distributors. The three Chery models that have been launched in Argentina are given different meanings: QQ-“independent declaration”, Face-“Life in progress” and Tiggo-“transcendence” and represent different stages of life. Each stage contains a positive and optimistic attitude of progress. As for A3 about to be launched in Argentina, distributors defined it as “confidence life”. Following the introduction, distributors enthusiastically visited Chery’s booth. According to other sources, besides taking La Rural as the public platform for A3’s launch, distributors will promote A3 through multiple media channels including upgraded website, electronic signs and Olympic commercials.

Due to fashionable exterior, rich technological content and superior cost effectiveness, A3 will stand out in the fiercely competitive medium-sized vehicle market, said a leader of Chery Socma Argentina, a representative of Chery’s distributors in Argentina. Since forging a partnership with Chery in July 2009, the company has maintained steady market growth, registered 4,620 Chery cars in 2011 and 3,268 units in the first half of 2012.

As the first Chery models launched in the Argentine medium-grade market, A3’s launch marks the comprehensive implementation of Chery’s new product strategy in Argentina, has further promoted the healthy development of Chery products in Argentina, and will lay a solid foundation for enriching product lineup, boosting sales and shaping brand. We have every reason to believe that Chery will achieve greater market success in Argentina with the support of luxury models like A3.

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