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Chery's Brand Promotion Triggers the Passion of Malaysian

Jul 24, 2011|22 hits

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In later part of July 2011, at Pavilion Mall in a business center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Chery held a great brand promotion campaign named “I Love Chery”, attracting millions of thousands of visitors, arousing the strong interests of Malaysian consumers in Chery cars, and generating a large number of orders.

Nearly 70% of Malaysian population is Malays, which have many family members and value families. For this reason, the event was themed “Fun and Family”. The whole event was divided into the internal part and external part. The internal part was Located in the center of the mall, covering an area of about 300 square meters and showing five Chery models, B14, H13, Tiggo, QQ and A5; The latter, inspired by the concept of entertainment, participation and family, involved a chain of activities full of family fun, such as “Kiss My Chery Car Challenge”, “Family Kiss Treasure Hunt” and “Guess the Panda Contest”. The first prize was a 1.6L Chery Tiggo car.

The whole event caused waves of heat and the internal exhibition attracted more than ten thousand visitors in two days for the elegant appearance and outstanding quality of Chery cars. The external activity “Kiss My Chery Car Challenge” turned the scene into an ocean of joy. At last, Su Qiliang, a male Chinese Malaysian contestant from Kuala Lumpur, claimed the title and won a 1.6L Tiggo car. “Family Kiss Treasure Hunt” attracted dozens of families. Eventually, Chen Airen and his family clinched the title and won a shopping coupon worth 10,000 Ringgit.

At the end of the event, Paul Huang, CEO of the joint venture Chery Alado, delivered a new Tiggo car to the winner Su Qiliang and started its engine for him.

The heated and interesting event has not only brought joy to Malaysian people, but made them feel Chery’s brand culture and build confidence in Malaysian consumers’ minds in Chery cars, thus enhancing the popularity and reputation of Chery in Malaysia.

Since landing on Malaysia in 2005, Chery has introduced several models in Malaysia, including A1, QQ, Tiggo and B14. In 2008, Chery and Alado, an auto dealer in Malaysia contracted to establish a joint venture to manufacture Chery cars. So far, Chery has owned over 50 regular stores and franchise stores in Malaysia and established a nationwide service network. Over the past five years since entry into Malaysia, Chery has drawn sustained attention from Malaysian people. In the capital Kuala Lumpur, Chery cars seen everywhere. Particularly, B14 and H13 are more popular with Malaysian consumers. In 2010, B14’s sales increased by 59% compared to 2009, accounting for 22% of Malaysia’s MPV sales. With a super huge capacity of 14 passengers, combined with multiple purposes such as business transport, government and business reception, and campus shuttle, H13 has gained popularity from Malaysian consumers upon introduction, and at the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (KLIMS) alone, H13, a model to be launched, harvested orders of over 100 units.

It is foreseeable that the brand promotion campaign of Chery in Malaysia will further deepen Malaysian consumers’ understanding of Chery cars and will earn growing popularity among Malaysian people. Chery will grow more steadily and rapidly in Malaysia in its process of globalization.

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