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Chery INDIS Debuted in Russia

Sep 22, 2011|22 hits

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On September 22, INDIS (Chery Riich X1) was launched in Moscow, Russia. Feng Ping, deputy general manager of Chery International, attended the launch ceremony. INDIS’s successful launch in Russia has satisfied the demands of a growing number of Russian consumers for mini city SUVs and enriched Chery’s product line in Russia.

At the press conference, Chery Russia invited professional media for comprehensive tests of INDIS in aspects of dashboard, indicator light, braking, acceleration, climbing and turning, making them closely access INDIS to fully experience its distinct charm.

Chery X1 is named INDIS in Russia, acquired the name from “Independent” and “Individual”, representing the new “independent and individual” lifestyle of the young generation who pursues free and relaxing life. INDIS not only has a delicate body suiting city shuttling, but also is superior to traditional cars in trafficability. It gives young people the joy of nature in the busy city life. The press conference perfectly interpreted INDIS’s product spirit and conveyed a free and relaxing product concept to consumers. Chery’s brand promotion in Russia has progressively transited from initial product performance promotion to brand concept promotion, to make more consumers gain insight into Chery’s culture while knowing its products, thus forming effective interactions between the brand and consumers.

As a leading mini city SUV model, INDIS is designed with a fashionable appearance, a cartoon front face, oval headlamps and smiling inlet grills. The tail lamp is also very handsome, whose outside uses black PVC to add depth and increases the sense of quality. Besides, as a representative of intelligent digital mini cars, INDIS has a “3D” intelligent digital system covering three core fields: safety, energy conservation and control. Also, INDIS inherits the design concept of “3X”: “extra large view, extra large space and extra large trafficability”, to maximize the functionality of SUVs. What’s more important is that INDIS has 180mm minimum ground clearance, which not only ensures the SUV origin of INDIS and establishes a new value benchmark among similar mini city SUVs, but also make it adaptive to the extreme road condition of Russia. In power, INDIS carries ACTECO 1.3L engine independently developed by Chery. With a maximum power of 62kw and a maximum torque of 122N•m, the engine, in DOHC 16-valve structure, is up to the mainstream power standards for mini models. Such a powerful engine, combined with a delicate body, makes city and field travel easier. When travelling at a constant speed of 60km/h on city roads, INDIS consumes only 4.8 liters an hour. It may be rated as an “energy consumption master” among similar models.

Chery entered Russia in late 2005, and has been popular with local consumers upon entry. To satisfy the demands of Russian consumers for Chery products, Chery and its partner spent only six months completing the assembly of Chery products in Russia, showing the outside world the high quality of Chinese products and the high efficiency of Chinese enterprises. In 2007, Chery sold 37,120 units in Russia, ranking 13th among all imported new brands, registering a 245% increase. Due to the impact of the financial crisis and Russia’s industrial policies, Chery’s sales in Russia have been affected at one time. Nevertheless, Chery has been favored by Russian consumers for its outstanding product quality and cost performance. In the first half of this year, Chery’s sales surged by 300%.

Over the six years since entry into Russia, Chery has conducted in-depth surveys and studies of Russian consumers’ demands, has conducted massive adaptive development and improvements of products and endeavored to enhance Chery’s product quality and performance based on consumers’ actual demands. Chery’s efforts have been acknowledged by Russian consumers. In Russia, Chery has become the most popular Chinese auto brand. Also, Chery owners in Russia have spontaneously established “Chery Club” for regular activities.

INDIS’s launch in Russia also attracted extensive media attention. Journalists with more than 40 Russian mainstream media outlets attended the launch ceremony. Famous Russia media outlets, including Autoreview, Avtomir, Za Rulem, Klakson, Kommersant, RBC TV and, covered the launch widely. Professional auto websites, including and, even televised the ceremony.

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