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By 2015,Chery international business past the first decade. Millions of users choose to trust and love Chery since their relentless innovation. So, Chery international organized ‘buyer’s memories’ to make a chance for every users to get involved with it. Share Chery family with the memories.

Full Story

Last 90 days,7 Countries get involve.

From began planning preparation, to the full implementation, we used three months time, improving of seven markets around the world to participate in. Common wish, go all out, seven markets ignite Chery global user report enthusiasm at the same time. This is a close interaction only belongs to the Chery and their users,which connect to millions of users and family, travel time and geographical limitations, telling the story about Chery those respectively, love, exploration and warm.

Online records at any time, sending wonderful news across the Internet.

Chery set up a perfect platform for the sharing of ‘Our story’, and strictly by technical means to protect the user information. On the platform, each user can share their own stories into the local website page, upload pictures and text can be released at any time. At the same time, we make each user's wonderful story features in the interactive page, colorful pictures ,warm and touching words expressed the time with Chery.

We record minimums,thousands of story

The users from different races, seven countries through the Internet to upload their own story. thousands of contents presented here, the first car, road trip with his family, adventure with friends, with love to drive through the streets, in the chery, accompany children to a new place... Every footprint are verifying , Chery brings change to life .

Connect China with the world, chery sharing wonderful news to global!
During the interactions,we get thousands of huge information from the users,and will choose the most impressive story,then he will be invited to China,Deep feelings of the Chinese culture with chery’s, let users worldwide witness the history of chery,and sharing.This is the first time we have the whole platform users to share activities, 100000 users to browse and click, nearly 20000 user information is stored. For the online activities smoothly in the future lay a good foundation, also make the chery and user emotion even further, well for the chery brand spread and upgrade. 100000 user participation and enthusiasm makes the activity more meaningful, help chery more brilliant future.

In the future, go with chery, to find more wonder.