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Chery shinning up at Auto Shanghai with iAuto-led strong lineup

Apr 21, 2013|22 hits


Auto Shanghai 2013 is scheduled to open on April 21. Under the theme of "enjoyment of innovation", Chery will show up with the new brand image. Besides a strong lineup of nine leading models in respective segments including New QQ, E5 2013, A3 and Tiggo, Chery will exhibit three models concept models (α7, β5 and @ANT) developed under Chery's internationalized product development system after its strategic transformation. Among Chery's other exhibits will be three powertrain systems based on Chery's latest third-generation ACTECO engines. The biggest highlight of Chery's booth at the exhibition will undoubtedly be iAuto core technology platform that represents Chery's latest technical achievements and will be launched publicly for the first time. Chery M16's concept version α7 will be the first model carrying iAuto core technology platform and is believed to astound visitors then. Chery will take the exhibition to showcase an all-new image of "Tech Chery" to the media and the public. As a leading independent enterprise, whether in vehicles or in core technologies of key parts, Chery has kept ahead of other indepen dent brands. At the exhibition, Chery will show its tremendous technical strength, once again demonstrating its technical lead to the industry and the public. As a major phased achievement since Chery's strategic transformation, iAuto core technology platform will draw special attention.

Auto, abbreviation for Intelligence Auto, is a high-tech, standardized and forward-looking core technology platform created by Chery based on independent technologies accumulated over the years and in accordance with world leading standards. It is composed of CLOUDRIVE (intelligent cloud entertainment system), ACTECO (intelligent efficiency powertrain system) and CHERYSMA (intelligent balancing system).  CHERYSMA makes product quality up to international standards and fully satisfies customers' human-oriented demands; ACTECO involves world leading powertrain technologies independently developed by Chery such as TGI, CVT, 6AT and DCT, provides surging power beyond drivers' expectation and finds a good balance between power and energy consumption; and CLOUDRIVE offers every customer unprecedented drive experience through intelligent technologies combining human-vehicle interaction with entertainment and the amazing sense of future.

As a forward-looking technical platform, it is more sustainable and will bring us astounding experience. Referring to iAuto platform, deputy general manager of Chery and president of Chery Automobile Research Institute said, "iAuto represents Chery's major achievement in the field of auto technology R & D, has created perfect vehicle performance through advanced systematic thinking and balanced technologies, is Chery's all-new technical label, will be reflected in Chery's future products and will be one of the core symbols of the brand image of 'Tech Chery'." α7, β5 and @ANT concept cars demonstrate the achievements of Chery's internationalized product development system. As the concept version of M16 and T21, two models representing Chery's strategic transformation, α7 and β5 will draw close attention from the media and the public. Compared to Chery's previous models, whether in modeling design or in manufacturing process, both models were elaborately made according to the state-of-the-art product design and development process, showing Chery's internationalized product design concept and the increasingly mature capacity of its product R & D system.

α7 is the first mass-manufactured concept model completely based on iAUTO intelligent balancing technology platform. Whether in vehicle design, power & maneuverability and human technology, or in safety configuration and manufacturing process, the model has shown the frontier technology reserves and forward-looking building philosophy of iAUTO platform, establishing technical standards for the first iAUTO-based mass-manufactured model about to be launched. α7's modeling design is more of international style, and the composed and fashionable body (4652mmx1825mmx1483mm) creates a huge riding space. It carries the forward-looking digital equipment CLOUDRIVE (intelligent cloud entertainment system) and is powered by Chery's sophisticated engine and transmission.   To offer the public an intuitive understanding of iAuto, Chery will exhibit a dissected α7 and set up an experience zone for CLOUDRIVE to show Chery's breakthrough in digital configuration to offer the public all-new ride experience.

β5, Chery's another concept model will also make its debut at the exhibition as the second model based on Chery's iAuto platform and the first SUV under Chery's new brand image. Known as twins of Chery's new brand with α7, it pioneers the latest trend of SUV in modeling, perceptual quality, powertrain, chassis, safety and entertainment information system. Its mass-manufactured model T21 is to be launched. @ANT second-generation concept model is an upgrade of the first generation exhibited at 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition. Positioned as an individualized urban public transport system in the future, it represents the trend of transport development under the concept of cloud, and shows Chery's insight into and bold exploration of the human lifestyle and the trend of auto technology in the future. Powertrain upgrade--ACTECO's third-generation engines show up.

As the core of vehicles, the hysteresis of powertrain R & D has become the greatest weakness of independent enterprises. Chery has long been committed to narrowing its gap with internationally advanced engine level and made great progress in recent years. This time, Chery will bring three ACTECO third-generation engines up to advanced world standards--1.2TGDI, 1.6TGDI and 1.6TCI and a CVT transmission, to demonstrate Chery's tremendous strength in powertrain R & D. According to sources, the three engines to be exhibited integrate an array of contemporary state-of-the-art technologies, play a global leading role in technical integration, are up to world leading standards in key technical indicators such as power, fuel consumption and emission, and represent the high level of core technologies of independent engines. Take ACTECO 1.6TGDI gasoline engine for example, it is a world-class product designed and developed by Chery from top to down as well as an all-new ACTECOIII engine based on a platform and developed under the concept of integrated and modularized design. It uses advanced technologies such as exhaust turbocharging inter-cooling, TGDI, dual VVT and silent chain, has a power of over 85kW/L and a torque of not less than 185N.m/L, and is up or above standards of foreign engines using same technologies in terms of power, economy and emission.
Chery CVT which makes up a "prime power combination" with 1.6TCI engine is the first internationally advanced CVT independently developed by Chery. It is highlighted by compact structure, high reliability, small loss in power transmission, good economy, high comfort, high intelligence and high drive fun.
Remarkably, it is the breakthrough in engine and transmission fields that has made Chery an independent automaker that has fully mastered four key technologies--chassis, engine, automatic transmission and engine management system (EMS).

The "enjoyment of innovation" is not only a core appeal of Chery's new brand strategy, but also its new comprehension of persistence in independent innovation over the 16 years. Since its founding, Chery has gradually established a technical image in the industry by constantly pursuing frontier technologies and accumulating the experience of car building, has kept innovating and reforming, taken "building cars for the public and fun" as the starting point of innovation, and has been committed to fulfilling more consumers' dream of fully enjoying the fun of technology. In recent years, Chery has built a professional international team led by several world design masters to bring internationally advanced development concepts and standardized product processes in coordination with a synchronous, interactive and efficient management mechanism. The internationalized processes, mechanism and standardized system have formed the core competitiveness of Chery's R & D system. The outstanding iAuto core technology platform is exactly a major achievement under this system, which has laid a solid foundation for Chery to build the brand image of "Tech Chery" and achieve the strategic goal for the third stage. 

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