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Chery shines at Santiago International Auto Show, New Tiggo and other 3 models debut in LA

October 4, 2012|22 hits


On October 4, 2012, Santiago International Auto Show, one of the largest of its kind in Latin America, kicked off. The event attracted 54 automakers from across the world. China’s largest independent passenger vehicle maker Chery made brilliant appearance with eight models, including four fine models--E5, G6, Z5 and New Tiggo making their debut in Latin America. In the opening day, major leaders of Chile’s government departments and automotive industrial institutions, including the Ministry of Transport and Asociacion Nacional Automotriz de Chile, visited Chery’s booth and paid close attention to Chery.

Telecommunications, the Ministry of Industry and Asociacion Nacional Automotriz de Chile, visited Chery’s booth and paid close attention to Chery.1st L) Gustavo Castellanos, secretary general of Asociacion Nacional Automotriz de Chile (ANAC), (2nd L) Hugo Castro, general manager of Chery Chile Sales Co., Ltd., (2nd R) Pedro Pablo Eruzuriz, Minister of Transport and Telecommunications of Chile and (1st R) Alvaro Mendoza, president of ANAC .

For Chery E5 to target the local Class C segment, Chery released 1.5L MT Comfort and 1.8L CVT Luxury. They drew wide attention from mainstream media and consumers by their fashionable appearance, large space and rich equipment. According to Chery’s staff, configuation including black trim, intelligent anti-theft system and double reversing light will be added to E5 according to the preferences of local consumers, and its dynamic property will be optimized based on Chile’s special road conditions to meet local market demand. Additionally, New Tiggo to be launched next year will extend the advantages of Tiggo on sale, to further arouse consumers’ interest by its new fashionable appearance, good maneuverability, drive comfort, fuel economy and high cost performance.

Besides, high-profile red coupe Z5 and intermediate car G6 were another attractions. By luxury equipment, novel and cool design, and dynamic curve, G6 carrying 2.0TCI turbocharged engine and powerful Z5 demonstrate the design concept and exquisite process of Chinese deluxe cars to local consumers, display Chery’s overall manufacturing level and tremendous R & D strength, draw wide attention from the press and consumers, and boost Chery’s brand image.

Thanks to Chile’s highest degree of free trade in Latin America, Chery has been concentrating on studying the local auto market environment and demands of local consumers, and has been focusing on improving its product quality and service capacity since entering Chile in 2007. In recent years, Chery has made great strides in Chile, and has launched nine models including QQ, Tiggo, A1, A3, Fulwin 2 and X1, with cumulative sales of over 20,000 units. Thus, Chery has become the leading Chinese passenger vehicle brand in Chile for four years in a row.

Since the beginning of this year, while increasing sales, Chery has paid close attention to enhancing its global brand influence through cultural marketing. In September, Chery became the exclusive long-term auto sponsor of the Chilean National Football Team, and will show up at 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil with the team which share the similar growth track with Chery. For this reason, Chery’s booth also blended in the indispensible football element in Latin American culture, presenting an impressive football show and inviting the cheerleaders for the Chilean National Football Team. The international sport has brought closer Chinese auto brand Chery with local consumers, attracted wide attention from the press and audience, and boosted Chery’s brand popularity in Chile.

Chery cars have long been popular with local consumers for their reliable quality, high-caliber services, novel modeling and outstanding cost performance. While establishing a favorable image for Chinese automakers, Chery has been unanimously recognized by the local government, industrial department and consumers. As the largest Chinese independent automaker, Chery will have a promising prospect in Chile.

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