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Chery Landed Serbian Market Successfully

March 1, 2010|22 hits


After a longer-term research, planning and preparation, Chery Automobile landed on the Serbian market successfully on March 1, 2010. Chery agent of Serbia, Kamor Vehicle International Limited grandly recommended the brand and products of Chery to the media, automotive industry and the political and business community, respectively on March 1, March 3. As a representative from China's largest independent brand, Chery Automobile in the local aroused wide public concern and comments.

The models listed in Serbia this time are three models, namely A3, A1, and Tiggo. In order to meet the demands of different levels’ customers at local market, A3 is equipped with 1.6L MT, A1 is equipped with 1.3L MT, Tiggo is equipped with 1.6L MT, 2.0L AT, and four-drive versions.

As the European market has relatively strict laws and regulations and consumer is relatively mature, Chery Automobile also attaches great importance and caution of coming into Serbian market. In the previous time, Chery have done a thorough study on more than a dozen aspects, such as laws and regulations of the market, product development trends, potential product design evaluation, market target and competitive analysis, pricing strategies and sales forecasts, after-sales service and quality assurance standards. Before appearing on the market, distributors also invited world-renowned research firm IPSOS carried out on the localization research of the Chinese automotive, conduct SWOT analysis, in-depth understanding of Serbian consumers’ awareness and expectations of Chery Automobiles and competing vehicles, thus developing suitable market strategy, price range, brand positioning, communication planning and marketing methods for the local market.

As the first Chinese independent brand to enter the Serbian market, Chery’s listing is full of great significance. While Serbia has not yet become the European Union, and the market capacity is limited, but the country has been actively apply for EU membership last year. This means that the automotive industry standards and systems will gradually move closer to the EU countries, which has an important significance to explore and learn for Chery to penetrate its brand into the EU market in the future, but also marks the Chery Automobile is further approached the European Union.

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