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13 Mar2013
"Design in China" recognized in Europe,Chery TX concept car wins award at Geneva Motor Show

Good news has recently come from the high-profile 83rd Geneva International Motor Show that Chery TX concept car has conquered the picky and rigorous world judges by its advanced design concept and perfect modeling, and outperformed a host of European, American and Japanese concept cars to grab the award for "Best Concept Car of the Year", making a splash in the local media. This is also the first grand international auto design award for Chinese auto brands. Being recognized by the European design industry famous for its rigorous aesthetic standards marks "Design in China" has taken the global stage and gained recognition after "Made in China".



Targeting the best auto design of 2012, initiated by Car Design News, an international authoritative auto design site, the awards include the "Best Mass-produced Model of the Year" which went to BMW and the "Best Concept Car of the Year" won by Chery. According to the designer of Chery TX concept car, the car is inspired by water, the greatest endowment from nature, and every detail makes people feel the rhythm of water, brims with the most primitive power of nature and interprets the designer's pursuit of the harmony of man and nature.



According to Huang Huaqiong, spokesman of Chery company, Chery TX concept car is the first concept car designed by Chery based on the latest design concept and international standard process after its all-round transformation, which showcases Chery's reforms in design concept and process, as well as its increasingly mature R & D system and capacity.