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22 Mar2013
Chery boosts sports marketing by sponsoring Santos

Brazil is another important growth point of the global auto industry with huge consumption potential after China among BRIC. It is predicted that Brazil will become the world's third-largest auto market behind China and the US only in 2015. Chery which has been making great efforts in business distribution in the Brazilian market has recently announced that it has joined hands with the prestigious Brazilian football club Santos to sponsor its three matches in the Sao Paulo State League. This has come as Chery's another sporting marketing campaign in Central and South America after sponsoring the Chilean national football team last year.

Santos is one of the most famous professional football clubs in Brazil and the world. The King Pele started his career at Santos and has been its spokesperson up to now. It boasts over 6 million fans in Brazil as well as a great number of supporters worldwide. It has claimed eight titles in the Brazilian League and three titles in Copa Libertadores. With a collection of world-famous players like Neymar, it is now on top in the Sao Paulo State League.

Referring to the sponsorship, Carlos, marketing director of Chery Brazil, said, "We value the Brazilian market and sponsoring Santos is our great attempt in the market, which will turn sports value into brand value, deepen our cultural exchanges with Brazilian consumers and be very important for Chery to enhance its brand value and advance the process of localization, we hope to make Brazilians feel Chery's vigor and passion via their beloved sports culture."

Besides sponsoring Santos, Chery will carry out a series of Santos-centered marketing events in Brazil as its partner. Both the "Chery Shirt Logo Poll" initiated by Santo's official website and the "Most Creative Slogan" initiated by a social website have recently provoked heated discussions among Brazilian fans. While enhancing Chery brand and public interaction, the campaigns have made more Brazilian consumers feel the charm of Chery culture. Remarkably, the "best player" in Santos' match against Mirassol on March 21 and the winner of the "Most Creative Slogan" will be awarded a QQ car each by Chery Brazil.

The TV broadcasting and post coverage of the match has increased Chery's media exposure, producing good brand effects. Thus, industry insiders predicted that Chery-Santos cooperation would likely continue. A source with Chery Brazil confirmed the prediction, revealing Chery is discussing long-term cooperation with Santos. It is believed that Chery will be seen in more and more sports games in the near future.