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03 Apr2013
Chery Celer launched in Brazil

From March 27 to 28, the ceremony for the launch of Chery Celer (A13 Flexfuel) took place in Atibaia, Sao Paulo, Brazil, marking its official launch in the Brazilian market.



The ceremony included a launch conference for the press and a launch conference for distributors. At the launch conference for the press on March 27, there are over 150 attendees including Management from Chery, the counsel general of the Consulate General of China in Sao Paulo, the representative of BOC Brazil and the representative of ICBC Brazil, as well as Brazilian journalists. Zhou Biren, deputy general manager of Chery and general manager of Chery International, delivered a video speech. He introduced with other leaders in charge of Brazil market and project about Chery's overseas strategy, the development of Chery Brazil and the construction progress of Chery's Brazilian plant, as well as Celer's marketing, sales and after-sale service strategies.   


Following the conference, the press took part in a test drive from Atibaia to Jacarei where Chery's Brazilian plant is located. Through the test drive, the press acquired a deeper understanding of Celer's properties and configuration, acclaiming Celer's interior space, maneuverability and comfort and Chery's determination to take roots in Brazil.   


Celer was specially designed for Brazilian consumers on the basis of Chery's advanced technologies. Over 150 improvements were made, such as flexfuel system, power-lifting transmission and black trim. It took three years to conduct market surveys, technical development and adaptive development. Before the launch, Celer's performance had been validated in an all-round manner through road tests with a total length of 60,000 kilometers (30,000 kilometers in China and Brazil each). It marks a qualitative leap of Chery in compact product development.   


Celer's successful launch in Brazil will further perfect Chery's product layout in Brazil, increase its effective market share from 45 percent to 75 percent, drive up its overall network and service levels, and achieve new success in Brazil for Chery.