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02 May2013
Chery launches brand new model TIGGO, E5 in Egypt

On April 7, 2013, Chery launched two quality models--TIGGO and E5 in Egypt. Among some 200 attendees to the launch conference in Cairo at Four Seasons Hotel were Song Aiguo, Chinese ambassador to Egypt; Wang Mo, managing director of Chery Overseas Industry Investment Co., Ltd.; representatives of offices of Chinese enterprises in Egypt and the distributor's representatives; as well as officials with the Egyptian government and journalists with mainstream media outlets.

Chery has been working closely with the distributor to offer customers high-quality and high-tech auto products. Thus, it has kept ahead in sales among all Chinese auto brands in Egypt with an inventory of 70,000 units, enjoying good reputation and recognized brand influence. On the scene, Song hailed Chery as a practitioner and pioneer of the common economic development of China and Egypt, hoping Chery will further deepen cooperation with the distributor to contribute to Egypt's industrial development.


Wang Mo said, "As China's largest independent brand, Chery is working hard to provide suitable products in local markets including Egypt. We will continue to improve our capabilities in terms of product, service, brand and network, thus enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction. And we believe by virtue of TIGGO targeting the SUV segment and high-tech model E5 targeting the Class A segment, local consumers will have a brand new experience of driving.


Referring to the market outlook of the two new models, AFA's founder Hossem expressed his strong confidence.TIGGO and E5 are superior in appearance, interior, space and dynamics, he said, believing they will be favored by consumers upon launch. After the cooperation with Chery over the seven years, AFA is full of expectation of and has confidence in Chery's development in Egypt, he added.


The concurrent launch of two fine models (TIGGO and E5) representing Chery's tremendous technical strength has opened a new page for Chery's development in Egypt. Chery will continue to implement the strategy of "going in to take roots", and achieve leaps by its vigorous innovation culture, in a bid to build an internationally competitive and respected auto brand in Egypt.