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28 Jun2013
Strong Alliance: Chery Concludes Cooperation Agreement with Al Habtoor

Recently, China's largest passenger vehicle exporter Chery has forged a partnership with one of UAE top three automobile distributors Al Habtoor and two sides concluded a cooperation agreement. Under the agreement, Al Habtoor will be in charge of the sales of Chery's all series of passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles in the UAE as Chery's distributor in the UAE.



Chery’s representative who in charge of this project said: "Chery values the UAE market and we are very excited to enter the market. Al Habtoor has rich experience as one of the largest automobile distributors in the UAE, as well as the exclusive distributor of world-famous auto brands like Bugatti, Mclaren, Bentley, Mitsubishi, Fuso and Temsa. We have the great honor to work with Al Habtoor to develop the UAE market. Hopefully, we will further cement our relations with Al Habtoor to keep expanding our coverage in the market."

Speaking of the cooperation with Chery, Joe Rogan, sales director of Al Habtoor, said, "As far as I know, Chery has been ahead of other Chinese auto brands in terms of export volume and has maintained the lead for 12 consecutive years since it launched export operations in 2001, and it is also the first Chinese automaker with an export volume of over 800,000 units. We are deeply impressed by Chery's fast growth. It is a strategic decision for Al Habtoor to introduce Chery to the UAE. We are pleased that Chery has joined the auto distribution family of Al Habtoor, and believe it will benefit all consumers in the UAE and its local sales will boom."

Chery and Al Habtoor have planned to launch Chery models in UAE in September 2013 and participate with eight models in UAE International Motor Show 2013, which is a major auto exposition in Middle East.