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13 Jul2013
The first time for Chinese auto Chery Celer to be utilized by highway police in Brazil No.23|0hit

In July 2013, 11 Chery Celer became the vehicles of highway police of the expressway in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is the first time for Chery automobile to be applied to the public service industry, indicating that the influence of Chery Automobile has been further enhanced in Brazil.


João Rodrigue, sales manager of Chery (Brazil) expressed: “In Brazil, it is the first time for China Auto to be applied in public service industry and I am proud that Chery is the pioneer. The highway police shoulder the heavy responsibilities, and that Chery Automobile can provide working vehicles for them has shown that Chery has won the trust of Brazil market, which represents the progress of our marketing campaign in Brazil market.”





It is realized that Chery Celer is a relatively successful model in international market in recent years, with the sales quantity in the world reaching to 200,000 vehicles, and it has been launched in Brazil in March of this year. The Celer in Brazil are equipped with airbag, power-assisted steering, ABS, EBD, electrionic door lock, power window, electronic rear-view mirror, and air conditioner, providing the drivers with safety and comfort. The power output of the 1.5 flex engine is enough to ensure that the police can carry out various tasks on the highway.

Founded in 1997, Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. is the largest self-owned brand of vehicle enterprises in China, headquartering in Wuhu, China. In 2013, the accumulated sales exceed 4 million vehicles, ranking the first for 12 consecutive years with its annual sales. Its products are sold to 80 countries and regions, and the accumulated export quantity has exceeded 800,000 vehicles. Meanwhile, it has become the largest export enterprise of passenger vehicles in China for 10 consecutive years. In 2009, Chery officially launched in Brazil, and currently such vehicle types as Face, S18, Cielo, Tiggo, and the widely known QQ are available in Brazil. At present, Chery owns 80 dealers in Brazil, which distribute in various cities.