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14 Nov2013
Chery Shines at Baghdad International Motor Show Baghdad International Motor Show started recently. As a Chinese leading automaker, Chery showed up with a strong lineup of six models. Baghdad Motor Show is Iraq's largest and most influential international motor show. Amid a galaxy of big names, Chery booth stole the show by its unique design, rich exhibits and spectacular performances.



During the show, high-ranking government officials like Sadeq Hussain, first secretary to the Iraqi prime minister also visited Chery booth. They admired Chery's exhibits and expected much of Chery's future in Iraq. Many mainstream media outlets, such as Al Jazeera and Iraq Office of the Xinhua News Agency, visited Chery booth for interviews. The booth also presented an impressive band show. The passionate Chinese band set off a climax, making Chery booth the most popular one. Endless audience came to visit the booth, make inquiries and place orders.




Within only five years, Chery has become one of the five major auto brands in Iraq, as famous as Toyota, Hyundai etc. Achieving such big success in Iraq is no accident. Early in 2008, Chery noticed the huge potential of the Iraqi market, took developing the market in its strategy of international market development, and became the first Chinese independent auto brand to enter the market. During the market development, Iraq's weak infrastructure and severe safety situation were both great challenges to Chery, but these problems have not held back Chery's local development. In 2009, Chery achieved major breakthrough in sales, with the volume of 8,800 units. In 2012, Chery's sales in Iraq reached 26,000 units.


Facing the market's rapid development, Chery consolidated its internationalization strategy of "going in" in Iraq. This also laid a solid foundation for Chery to enhance its local competitiveness and develop the Iraqi market.


After experiencing sales increase and production expansion, Chery has realized that mere product competitiveness enhancement cannot sustain its development in Iraq, and it must sharpen its local brand competitiveness in order to develop sustainably in Iraq. At the end of this year, Iraq's first Chery flagship store will open in the capital Baghdad.


With the gradual stabilization of the Iraqi market, Chery will step up its network construction in Iraq and introduce more models suiting the Middle East market. Besides, Chery will continue following the development strategy of "going in", take roots in Iraq and enhance the international image of Chinese independent auto brands. What more Chery will achieve in Iraq? Let's wait to see.