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06 Dec2013
Chery Launches Tiggo5 in China Chery unveiled another strategic model - all new Tiggo5 - in Shanghai under Chery’s new brand and new system on Nov. 28, 2013. All new Tiggo5 comprises six variants.

All new Tiggo5 was also built by using V-shaped forward engineering process and manufactured by Chery’s Dalian manufacturing base which can match world class auto makers in terms of manufacturing standards. Always adhering to principle of Making Cars for families and guided by customers’ feeling, Chery is committed to refining an all new SUV model for customers which meets the standards of products manufactured by joint ventures in sensory quality, manufacturing processes, safety, handling and other aspects.


Seen from overall styling, Tiggo5 has met the trend that family consumers are increasingly favouring medium- and large-sized SUVs. Its dimensions (length x width x height) are 4505mmX1840mmX1741mm and its wheelbase reaches 2610mm, reflecting mainstream standards of SUV models in this segment. Additionally, Tiggo5’s sensory quality can match the standards of products manufactured by joint ventures, which even caters for higher appeal of current consumers for car quality. Its complete vehicle uses exceptional sheet-metal working process, featuring subtle, proportioned body seams as well as exquisite, rational interior trim materials and mounting technique.

Tiggo5 is also flawless in reliability. It has gone through 2.8 million road reliability test and nearly 100,000hrs bench reliability test, and experienced 9 rigorous tests, i.e. accelerated durability test, special transmission and cycle test, comprehensive reliability test, high speed test, vehicle intensive corrosion test, atmospheric exposure test, wading test, plateau and cold reliability tests.

Chery has built the safety of Tiggo5 by Referring to the highest standards in Europe and North America. Its braking distance from 100km/h to 0km/h is 40.45m, which stands out from the models of its class including numerous joint venture brands. Tiggo5 incorporates lots of high-strength steel plates and design of transferring and absorbing collision energy in its construction, which ensures its safety when collision happens. Moreover, Chery has also made great efforts to reduce pedestrian collision damage in accordance with international safety standards, reflecting that Chery is aligned with international highest standards in terms of automotive safety.

Tiggo5 is also competitive in its features, including keyless entry/start, reverse camera, GPS navigation, infotainment, electric windows with one-touch open/close for 4 doors, seats with electric adjustment, electric sunroof with anti-trap, BOSCH9.0 edition of ESP, HHC hill start assist and other practical systems, highlighting its comfort, convenience and safety.

Tiggo5 is equipped with 2.0L DVVT engine, which can deliver a maximum power of 102kW and maximum torque of 182N?m, combined with 5-speed manual transmission or CVT automatic transmission. A point to be emphasized is that, although Tiggo5 is defined as a family SUV, it does have a unique gene that real SUVs have. Compared with SUV models of its class including joint venture brands, it has clear advantages in wading, hill climbing and holding capacity, long-distance race and off-road performance.

As to the launch of all new Tiggo5, president and general manager of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. Yin Tongyue said: “The launch of Tiggo5 marked that Chery completed the building of forward engineering system based on international standards in 2013. This indicates that Chery has completed the first round of layout of brand new products after strategic transformation under this system and these standards, laying a solid foundation for our rapid growth in 2014.”