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06 Mar2014
New Chery model completed and ready to enter international market No.10|0hit In 2013, Chery released its corporate strategy of building "technology-oriented Chery" and new brand development strategy in China. Guided by the new strategies, Chery launched three new models in succession: Arrizo 7, E3 and Tiggo 5, marking that Chery has basically completed the first round of product deployment after its strategic transformation. Chery's international market strategy in 2014 will focus on the three models.

Brilliant achievements in new products

Despite differing in features and segments, Arrizo 7, E3 and Tiggo 5 were all developed on the basis of the quality-oriented international standard product development system Chery set out to establish in 2011. Chery Chairman and President Yin Tongyue said, Chery has been fully capable of forward development of automotive products, begun to build vehicles based on a forward development process system up to international standards, and will put modules like R & D, purchase, manufacturing and talent in the same system to enhance product and operation quality.

Under the new R & D system, Arrizo 7 was favored by consumers for its superb design and outstanding quality upon its launch. On October 11, 2013, Arrizo 7 passed a 25% offset crash test (also known as IIHS small-overlap crash test). Considered by the industry as one of the most rigorous automotive crash tests currently, the test is critical of body materials and structure design. The test results demonstrate Chery's achievements in body safety structure design and show that its safety technology has been up to advanced international standards.

As Chery's global hot seller and a new SUV model of Tiggo series, Tiggo 5 was originally scheduled to be launched in the first half of 2013, but under the new R & D system, Chery spent six months more correcting over 300 details to perfect the model. High-caliber Tiggo 5 was widely accepted upon its launch and netted orders for several hundred units at the launch conference in late November. It is unusual that a newly launched model was so popular in China.

As the first mini model launched by Chery after completing its strategic transformation, E3 has also achieved brilliant results upon its launch in China. With competitive price and accurate market positioning, E3 occupied the market soon after its launch and became one of Chery's bestsellers in China within only a few months.

Chery expected to enter international market


In 2013, Chery completed its first round of new product deployment in the context of strategic transformation and achieved great success in China market. However, Chery's new models will undergo more challenges in the face of the volatile international market.

To introduce its new models to countries like Russia and Brazil in 2014, Chery will take a succession of major measures in related overseas markets to pave the way for new model launch, including localized modification, channel construction, outlet optimization and upgrading, marketing system innovation, etc. All these measures will help boost Chery's competitiveness in overseas markets.