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15 Apr2014
The 1st Chinese AT model in Brazil--Chery Novo Tiggo At the beginning of this year, Chery Brazil launched Novo Tiggo AT as the first AT model of Novo Tiggo after the launch of Novo Tiggo MT last June as well as the first Chinese AT model in the Brazilian auto market.



From March 13 to 14, Chery launched Novo Tiggo AT and delivered a test drive in picturesque Santana, Parnaiba close to Sao Paulo, attracting journalists from over 40 print and Internet media outlets.

To offer the media a full knowledge of Novo Tiggo's features, Chery prepared six well-decorated Novo Tiggo AT cars for the test drive, invited a professional test drive team to plan the route based on the model's features, and set special signs on the way to ensure the success of the test drive.



In the day, Chery's technical person Mauricio Buzetto first introduced the features of Novo Tiggo AT to the media and explained the details of test drive safety. The media exchanged views on Novo Tiggo's exterior, interior, space and power, and discussed issues such as the model's market prospect with Chery side.



Following the explanation, the test drive started. On the way, the media test-drove Novo Tiggo AT in turn and shared their feelings. When crossing steep road common in Brazil, Novo Tiggo AT gave full play to the power advantage of its 2.0L engine. The media spoke highly of its strong power; some media considered Novo Tiggo's huge front and rear space is rare among similar models and its flexibly-calibrated chassis makes drive comfortable; additionally, its multifunctional rearview mirror interested some journalists fond of outdoor sports who believed the rearview mirror with functions such as compass, altimeter and barometer would keep them informed of environmental conditions.



The brief activity drew to an end soon. Through the activity, the media was impressed by Novo Tiggo AT's all-round performance. Referring to its prospect, some media said it is spacious, comfortable, well-equipped and prominent among models of similar cost performance as the first Chinese AT model in Brazil, believing it will be a great success in Brazil.