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22 Apr2014
Reaping Harvest-Chery Unveils Concept Cars on 2014 Beijing International Autoshow On April 20, Chery unveiled two new models of concept cars Concept α and Concept β themed on “Chery Technology, Faithful to Your Trust” on the 2014 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition. As the newest models launched by the new R&D system after the transformation, the concept cars released by Chery demonstrate that Chery is maturing in the newest design philosophy as well as design style. Chery is expected to put the cars into mass production in two years. According to Chery, Concept α and Concept β are characteristics of Chery’s new design language which has “Creating the Soul of Chinese Automobile” as the core idea. The concept cars are highlights on this year’s auto show.

Besides concept cars, Chery unveiled the mainstream models: Arrizo 7, Tiggo 5, E3, Fulwin 2 (Sports), and New Tiggo 3 on the auto show. They are or to be on sale. As one of popular models, New Tiggo 3 is to be put into the market in May this year. Chery also unveiled a plug-in hybrid power Arrizo 7 made of carbon fiber on the auto show. In addition, Chery published the newest car networking technology: Cloudrive on this auto show. Chery focuses on experience of consumers in marketing. It is expected that Cloudrive is to bring a good driving experience to consumers.

Creating the Soul of Chinese Automobile, Chery Publishes Newest Car Design Philosophy: Chery Design

Undoubtedly, Concept α and Concept β are the highlights of the auto show. Born of the “positive system”, Chery Design, the newest design philosophy behind the concept cars is also one of highlights of the auto show.

Concept α and concept β are created by Chery's current design team which is headed by Chery’s current design directors James Hope, former designer of General Motors, and Hakan Saracoglu, former designer of Porsche. According to introduction made by James Hope, Chery Design consists of four major parts including Proportion, Branding, Design Language, and Quality, each of which is skillfully integrated with Chinese elements, such as, the face of concept α is blended with the covered bridge elements of ancient Chinese architecture, the grille contains the yin and yang elements of Chinese traditional culture, and the flowing outline embodies the element of “water” which is one of the “five elements” in Chinese traditional culture. Meanwhile, “Chery Design” also strives to integrate the practicability, inclusiveness, virtue, and innovation which represent the Chinese mainstream culture in its spiritual connotations.

Watching Concept α carefully, you will find that the pillar A of concept α starts from the edge of the engine cover and converges at the front grille, which fully presents a sense of water flow. The lateral curves of concept α adopt concise, smooth, and exquisite, ripple-like lines, which makes it tough and soft in waist lines. All these embody the tranquility and inclusiveness of water and are closely related to the “The greatest virtue is like water” which Chinese traditional culture emphasizes on. In addition, the “yin and yang” style of the new logo also presents the philosophy of “the harmoniousness of yin and yang gives rise to all things of the world” in Chinese Taoist culture. The circulation design from the tail lamps to the number plate also echoes the design concept of its front face and strengthens its horizontal size. Similar to concept α, the dynamic and water flowing body of concept β is also rich in “Chinese elements”. All in all, the two concept cars give you a sense of flowing movement because of the use of Chinese elements to convey the natural beauty of “water”. They are typically Chinese.

As for the significance of “Chery Design”, Huang Huaqiong pointed out, “Chery Design is not merely the Chery’s family design language. What Chery Design is to achieve is a spirit-based other than form-based design. Via the Chery Design, Chery will ensoul its products. Every famous brand has its own soul. How will Chery ensoul its products and brand? The answer lies in the Chery Design which is led by the “positive” system. In this point of view, what Chery Design is to create are the soul of Chery and the soul of Chinese automobile.”

As one of the SUV Classics Made by China, New Tiggo 3 Is Unveiled on the 2014 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition

As one of the classics made by China, New Tiggo 3 has a glorious history. In 9 years since putting the cars into the market, Chery has sold more than 600,000 Tiggo cars. Tiggo is sold in more than 80 countries and regions. Tiggo account for most of the SUVs exported from China. Tiggo is the first SUV model entering into the European market. Tiggo is the most popular SUV brands in China and increasingly becoming popular through the world. Chery is convinced that the newly unveiled New Tiggo 3 continues to be a hit in the market.

New Tiggo 3 is even tougher in lines used in design. It is manlier. A newly designed logo hangs above the intake grille. The design language spoken by New Tiggo 3, to a large extent, echoes that of Arrizo 7 and Tiggo 5. Being 4,420mm *1,760mm *1,670mm in length * width * height, New Tiggo 3 has a fine distinction from the current Tiggo. Compared with the current 4,390mm*1,765mm*1,705mm Tiggo, New Tiggo 3 is more slender, more proportioned, and more harmonious.

New Tiggo 3 gives you a fresh look in design style, materials used for inside decoration, and assembly technology, etc. It is greatly upgraded in configuration. More importantly, the LED screen on the console highly resembles that equipped on Arrizo 7 and Tiggo 5 in terms of function, especially operation interfaces and information retrieval. New Tiggo 3 is catching up with Arrizo 7 and Tiggo 5 in sophistication of digitalization.

Characterized by high quality as well as high-tech configuration, New Tiggo 3 is competitive in small & medium-sized market. Tiggo 5 is still popular in the SUV market. After being put into the market, Tiggo 3 is to join force with Tiggo 5. According to Chery, the β series of concept cars on display on this auto show as well as the TX concept cars awarded at Geneva are to be mass produced later. More importantly, after unveiling the full-length SUV, Chery will have a complete combination of models: small-scale SUV, compact SUV, and full-length SUV. Chery is a power to be reckoned with.

One Year after Publishing New Branding Strategy, Chery Accomplishes Transformation from “Positive R&D” to “Positive System”

One year ago, Chery published the new branding strategy. Chery is present again this year. Last year, at the primary stage of transformation, Chery published three models of cars: Arrizo 7, Tiggo 5, and E3. After the three models gradually enter the mainstream market, Chery accomplishes the next round of industrial planning under the new structure. Chery is increasingly known for “Positive R&D".

After three years, Chery enters into the harvest time as result of the strategic transformation. Chery is right in choosing the path of positive development. Chery attaches great importance to sustainable development. It is promoting “positive development” through the whole value system. Chery is attempting to build a looped “positive” ecosphere, which is indispensable for sustainable development. On 2014 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, through the concept cars on display, the unique “Chery Design”, and the New Tiggo 3 applauded by the auto fans, we see a “positive system” typical of Chery gene is shaping up.