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26 Aug2014
Steady Work, Constant Progress Chery's Development in Brazil

Over the 17 years since its establishment, the Chinese auto brand--Chery has exported its products to over 80 countries and regions. Chery spent only five years being recognized by numerous Brazilian consumers after its entry into Brazil, and once held a market share of 1 percent in Brazil against European and American brands. Remarkably, Chery's key model Tiggo was ranked among Brazil's top 10 best-sold SUV models. Another model QQ toped list of ten entry-level models in Carro’s test in Brazil. The brilliant results have been inseparable from Chery's localized development in Brazil. Reviewing its development in Brazil, we see Chery work steadily and make progress constantly.

Entry into Brazil

Early in 2006, Chery noticed the promising Brazilian auto market. From then on, Chery began feasibility studies on business development in Brazil, and conducted all-round surveys in fields such as politics, law, society and culture in preparation for its entry into Brazil.

Through surveys, Chery found the best-sold models in Brazil were all economical and compact ones, which exactly matched Chery's production line. Besides, Brazilians are practical in consumption, value products above brands in purchase, and highly accept new brands. Such a favorable market environment consolidated Chery's confidence in entering Brazil.

In July 2009, Chery Tiggo (known as "Tiggo 3" in China) launched officially by Chery’s local distributor in Brazil. Within only several months, Tiggo 
won a collection of awards including the "2009 SUV Model of the Year" with its market share climbing all the way. Afterwards Chery's other models launched in Brazil were recognized by the market too. From then on, Chery was known to Brazilian consumers gradually.


Infusion into Brazil

After its successful entry into Brazil, Chery never slowed down its development but made greater efforts to blend itself into Brazil.


In 2012, Chery changed its mode of operation in Brazil from previous distributorship to subsidiary operation to thoroughly advance its strategy of localized development in Brazil. During the period, Cherynot only built an independent sales network, but also established a complete sales, marketing, after-sales and spare parts team, forged a community of interest with distributors with market as orientation and consumers as core, operated in a localized and standardized mode. Now Chery has owned over 70 authorized outlets in Brazil, all of which are single-branded 4S outlets. The figure will reach 100 by the end of this year, covering more than 80 percent of state capitals and cities in the whole Brazil.

Chery has achieved initial results in sales and network construction, and made frequent innovation in brand building. In sports marketing, Chery has sponsored several outstanding Brazilian football clubs, with its logo appearing on shirts in the matches of Santos and 
Palmeiras. More Brazilians knew Cherybecause of the clubs and Chery's influence in Brazil has been growing.

With the constant growth of Brazil's demand for Chery vehicles, Chery has realized that it’s time to build a local plant for localized production in order to truly blend itself into Brazil and enhanced its competitiveness. Soon after its entry into Brazil in 2009, Chery conducted an in-depth survey of six Brazilian states. After meditating on multiple factors, Chery chose Jacarei as the plant site. Located in the center of the Brazilian automobile consumption market, Jacarei has a complete auto supply chain and enjoys exceptional conditions for auto industry development. On July 19, 2011, Chery's plant in Jacarei broke ground. This year, the plant will go into production. In the future, the plant will 
meet Brazil's demand for Chery products, boost Chery's competitiveness in Brazil and provide important strategic support for Chery's operation in Brazil and extension to the rest of South America.

Prospect in Brazil

Now Chery vehicles have been seen everywhere in Brazil, and been recognized by a growing number of consumers. Chery is constantly implementing its strategy of localized development in Brazil. In the near future, with the expansion of its product line in Brazil, the upgrading of its outlet sales and services, and the further improvement of its localization capacity, Chery is believed to become a competitive auto brand in Brazil.