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15 Sep2014
Travel Across Latin America in 33 Days with Zero Fault Chery Ecuador Owners Practivan Karry Travel in Latin America

 On August 14 2014, at the press conference in Ecuador with the theme of “Chery Practivan Karry , joining together Latin America Cinascar”, the Vazquez family in Ecuador shared their most unforgettable journey across Latin America made by them together with their Chery Practivan Karry. They felt pleased and proud of their auto’s wonderful zero-fault performance in the journey.

The Vazquez family has long dreamed of travelling across Latin America and experiencing the wonderful sceneries and cultures in Latin America. To realize this dream, the Vazquez couple and their two kids, after making deliberate preparations, started in June 2014 with Quito, the capital city of Ecuador. They drove across Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay before reaching Argentina. In this period, the Vazquez family also viewed the group game of Ecuador in 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.


At the press conference, Ms. Vazquez recalled, “Before we started, I visited Cinascar, the dealer of Chery in Ecuador. After sharing our family dream with Chery Aftersales Manager Mr. Patricio Mari?o, he showed great interest and made careful and comprehensive check and maintenance of our Practivan Karry. Besides, he provided lots of practical help in preparation of major spare parts.”


In the unforgettable 33 days, the Vazquez family drove their Chery Practivan Karry for 17,000km for 8-10 days per day. They experienced multiple road conditions. In particular in Chile, they were encountered by the heavy snow storm. In the 6 countries which the Vazquez family drove through, 14 Chery dealers were ready at any time to provide necessary guarantee service for them. The Chery auto of Vazquez family didn’t suffer from even one fault and they reached the destination successfully. Ms. Vazquez said, “The long travel in Chery auto has brought safe, comforting and fantastic experience to the kids. It will become the most beautiful memory for our life.”


In the press conference, Chery Central-South China Sales Manager Bart Wang also expressed congratulations to Vazquez family and thanked them for their trust and support for Chery brand. At the same time, Mr. Bart Wang told the journalists, Chery will continue to follow the market-oriented operation philosophy, stay committed to providing safe and reliable products and services for global consumers including those in Ecuador, and keep improving the users’ satisfaction with its products and services.