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28 Jul2016
Chery Launched an Extreme Journey in Saudi Arabia Together with Three Flagship Models

July is the hottest month throughout the year with highest temperature. During this period, Chery and its local dealer Group launched a two-month summer extreme heat adaptive road test-drive in Saudi Arabia with its flagship models including Tiggo 5, Arrizo 3 and Arrizo 5. The entire test-drive distance is more than 15,000 km, covering different road conditions such as desert highway, coastline, mountain and urban road. The comprehensive adaptive test-drive is carried out in different road conditions aiming to ensure that the performance and quality of the products can meet the characteristic demands of different consumers in Saudi Arabia.

As one of the richest nations in the world, Saudi Arabia is also the largest automobile market in the gulf region with annual sales of 800,000 units, accounting for more than half of the entire auto sales of gulf region. Saudi Arabia is becoming one of the key target markets for all the global automobile brands. Located in the center of the Arab Plateau with rugged terrain across the country, its most regions are tropical desert climate, and more than 90% areas are covered by vast gobi and desert. The average temperature all the year round is up to 30℃, and the average temperature in the summer is even over 50℃. The severe natural environment has raised threshold for all car brands to enter the Saudi market. The road test-drive carried out in the highest temperature season by Chery demonstrates that Chery is attaching high importance to Saudi market and expressing Chery’s confidence in its own products quality. 

As a matter of fact, Chery Automobile has been dedicated in the adaptive development of each model in different climate and road conditions ever since entering into the international market, and tries to meet the local demand by improving the product adaptability. The long-distance test-drive of Chery under different road conditions in the heat and harsh local environment has effectively verified the comprehensive performance of the vehicle in fuel consumption, power, stability and comfort. 

In May this year, Chery launched its brand in Saudi Arabia market with Tiggo 3, Tiggo 5 and Arrizo 7, and has received widespread attention of the local industry and consumers. 

In future, Chery will gradually improve the product planning in Saudi Arabia market with high quality and high-tech models according to the upgrading and soaring demands, promote the build up of networks by working with the local partners, provide superior products and services for the local consumers, and further improve Chery brand’s influence in the Saudi Arabia market.