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28 Aug2017
Chery New Flagship will debut Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 with its sketching exposed

Chery declared that M31T, one mysterious high-end SUV, would debut during the Frankfurt Motor Show this September, greeting the European market with the blockbuster. After unveiling the M31T lightmap, Chery further revealed its sketching, such that the audience could fully find the top quality and high-end A+ SUV in line with global R&D criteria, and further explore into the higher level of Chery 3.0 design style.

(Chery M31T sketching)

As the sketching shows, M31T reflects Chery design philosophy of “Life in motion” in terms of the overall design. Thanks to the application of the unique body design language of Hydro Dynamic Surfacing, it enjoys notable identity and family feature. The LED strip lights running through the auto front connect with the straight headlight, also corresponding with the LED strip lights running through the trail, which could be easily associated with Chery typical design of the earlier FV2030 concept car and Tiggo coupe concept SUV, which makes the SUV look wider with better stability. The dragon scale design at the front grill gives fully play to the waves’ aesthetics as it fully inherits the hydrodynamic aesthetics of the earlier concept cars. The oversize alloy wheel hub with overstated shape is so fashionable and aggressive that it could not only reflect the sense of design, but indicate its great sports feature.

(Chery M31T sketching)

(Concept SUV launched by Chery during Shanghai Auto Show)

M31T interiors follow two-tone design, presenting a new appearance via standing out its high-end European quality and delicacy. The overall interiors look neat and tidy by virtue of smooth line. The overall interiors reflect the modern aesthetics and high-end craftmanship via the spreading choice leather and fine chromeplate frame. 10 inch LCD, 7 inch LCD dashboard, and exquisite electronic gearshift that could be only found in BMW, Benz and the like luxury brands, such configurations bring pleasant impression and hand touch, capable of satisfying the consumers’ experience demand on the personalized, sci-tech and luxury interior.

(Chery M31T Sketch Design)

What is noteworthy, M31T enjoys strong intelligent interconnection function, which is also one of the critical genes among Chery new 3.0 product matrix. It is learned that M31T will be equipped with the car networking system developed together with Baidu. The system enjoys numerous black technologies to realize the man-machine interaction, M31T may, tagged with top-quality, new energy and new technology, evolve into one epoch-making product of watershed significance among Chery product portfolio, leading Chery to new stage of top quality product development in line with the international mainstream and China middle and high-end market demand.