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12 Jan2018
Chery's self-driving car developed with Baidu appears at CES 2018

On January 9, 2018, CES, the world's largest and most influential technology exhibition, opened in Las Vegas. Chery Arrizo 5, based on Baidu's Apollo automatic driving platform, attracted global attention. The special Arrizo 5 is a self-driving car jointly built by Chery and Baidu since the two sides forged a partnership. It is compatible with Apollo Pilot system and carries mass-produced automatic driving solutions.

(Special" Arrizo 5)

With the development of AI and automatic driving, world-renowned automakers and technology enterprises have chosen CES to show their automatic driving technologies in recent years. The joint appearance of Baidu and Chery at CES 2018 shows the great confidence and tremendous strength of the Chinese technology alliance.

As a leading innovative Chinese independent brand, through independent innovation, Chery has achieved a breakthrough in automotive information entertainment, IOV and other core technologies, which will undoubtedly boost Chery's competitiveness in the future intelligent vehicle field. Since 2010, Chery has taken the lead in developing ICV automotive technology and established an automatic driving automotive technology platform in association with the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 2016, the Wuhu Municipal People's Government joined hands with Baidu to establish the world's first "full automatic driving operation base" at Wuhu High-tech Industrial Development Zone, laying the foundation for Chery's ICV operation. Over the past seven years, Chery has developed two generations of ICVs. The third-generation ICV under development is a highly-self-driving vehicle based on Chery's EQ EV platform and with the capability of industrialization.

(Road demonstration of Chery's second-generation ICV technology)

Chery has mastered intelligent vehicle technologies including lane detection, millimeter-wave radar data processing, vehicle detection, local path planning and vehicle bottom control, as well as intelligent vehicle technologies including laser radar data processing, RTK data processing and map data processing. Also, Chery has achieved staged breakthroughs in more than 10 key cutting-edge technologies including AI interactive navigation, next-generation cabin system, eyeball tracking and face recognition, UBI insurance and digital marketing, and V2X (core technology of over-the-horizon detection system). While conducting independent R&D, Chery has carried out more remarkable and fruitful strategic cooperation with Baidu in the intelligent vehicle field.

(Self-driving cars jointly developed by Baidu and Chery)

At the World Internet Conference held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province in November 2016, eQ self-driving car, jointly developed by Chery and Baidu, went into trial operation on an open urban road for the first time in China. As a core member of Baidu's Apollo plan, Chery can rapidly acquire Baidu's AI technology; and Chery's mature vehicle technologies, precise development process, integral industry chain and perfect sales service system have made Chery and Baidu the strongest technology alliance in China.

(Chery's three self-driving cars selected into the "national team")

Automotive AI is undoubtedly promising. Just as Apple subverted traditional mobile phones, automatic driving will subvert traditional cars. With the deepening of the cooperation, the two sides will carry out all-round cooperation in fields including IOV, highly automatic driving and self driving, to bring about dramatic changes to the automotive field. This June Chery and Baidu signed an MOU on strategic cooperation in the Silicon Valley, and planned to establish "Chery Silicon Valley Research Institute". This will further boost the development of core ICV technologies and lay a solid technical foundation for Chery to develop the global market. According to the plan, Chery will launch an ICV developed with Baidu in 2018, and the self-driving car jointly developed by the two sides will go into mass production in 2020.

(Scene of the signing ceremony between Chery and Baidu)

During CES 2018, a mysterious fleet of self-driving cars took California Highway and was open for examination. In the automatic driving field, California Self-driving Test Base should not be strange to you. Only 45 companies in the world have been qualified for road rests here since 2014, including 14 companies with Chinese investment or background (accounting for 31 percent), less than 19 U.S. companies only. As a Chinese AI and automatic driving force, Chery is registering an automatic driving development company (Leonis Technologies North America) in the Silicon Valley to be engaged in big data research, self driving technology R&D and road tests in California. After successful registration, Chery will apply for the qualification for road tests in California, "China's AI and automatic driving are attracting growing attention from the Silicon Valley and the world".

Intelligent connection has always been a major strategic focus of Chery. Through CES 2018, Chery has showed the world the results of its innovative cooperation with Baidu, as well as its forward-looking automatic driving technologies. Chery will participate in CES 2019 to present more advanced automatic driving technologies. We will work hard to achieve the ultimate goal of automatic driving to lay the groundwork for creating a safer, more efficient and economical new travel lifestyle for the human society.