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28 Apr2018
Chery’s All-new SUV TIGGO8 Launched in China

On April 25, Chery launched its all-new SUV model TIGGO8 in China market at the Chery Press Conference during the 15th Beijing International Auto Show.

As the new-generation flagship model, TIGGO8 is developed on T1X platform, which combines technologies of Jaguar Land Rover and adopts the positive R&D approach. It is equipped with the intelligent vehicle-mounted system on the basis of Chery Lion Platform. Based on the profound vision into the consumption upgrading in mainstream SUV market, TIGGO8 will provide high-quality products for mainstream consumers and the vehicle experience featuring intelligence.  

Large vehicle provides more choices for consumers

  • Size larger than same-class models: Its dimensions are larger than same-class competitors, the 2,710mm super-long wheelbase and the 1,930L super-large trunk space equivalent to that of four mainstream A-class vehicles greatly expand the use scenarios, thus fully meeting the commercial or family use.
  • Flexible space: Thanks to the smart design of Chery designers, TIGGO8 has 12 spaces that are flexible, the 260mm super-long range to front and rear on the second row, and 44 human-oriented practical storage spaces interpret the spacious space and exquisite space design.

The dimensions of TIGGO8 reach 4700x1860x1746mm; the 2,710mm wheelbase makes the model excel among the same-class vehicles, thus perfectly presenting the spacious interior space. Even more, TIGGO8 has exceptional performance in sitting space and loading ability. 5+2 seat arrangement and 4/2/4 leveling of second-row seats provide 12 flexible spaces and 44 human-oriented storage spaces, ensuring you have multiple choices to make. Besides, the 260mm front-to-rear movement of the second-row seats, the 0-127 degree flexible adjustments of second-row and third-row seats represent the considerate care brought by Chery designers. We hope all passengers and drivers can make full use of the pleasure secured by the large space in the model.

Lion Cloud, the cutting-edge technology leading the era

  • Lion Cloud: Real-time online service (music, weather forecast, news, catering and entertainment, etc.), and high-speed 4G-wifi coverage in the vehicle in all hours ensure you have access to high technologies. They help provide basis to build the private Internet space exclusive to young people.
  • Audio interactions: The self-defined audio waking and instruction system, the natural audio control (AC/sunroof/electric lifegate), the audio Internet surfing/online entertainment, recognition of 32 dialects, and nearly 100% recognition of natural audio fully meet personalized and different interaction experience.
  • Remote control: Remote vehicle control (remote vehicle start, remote AC, sunroof and electric liftgate control), remote vehicle management (remote vehicle location, matrix electric fences and remote vehicle authorization) ensure the vehicle owner enjoys the fun of remote control.
  • Intelligent black technologies: Among the same-class models, it is the first to support biological recognition, fingerprint/human face verification to control the vehicle; it is also the first model to secure intelligent link between households and vehicles; the vehicle partner and fleet function ensures the vehicle location is shared among other vehicle owners. By linking the vehicles and automobile data recorder, it expands your fun of driving.

TIGGO8 fully understands young people’s demands for vehicles in the Internet era. With the Lion Cloud system leading the industry, the model brings the all-new intelligent tech experience to users. The system, embedded with 4G network of China Unicom, can perfectly support Carplay and Carlife. At the same time, it is also embedded with Baidu Map and AMAP for vehicle owners to choose from, fully considering the habit of users.

The all-time intelligent audio human-machine interaction system, equipped on TIGGO8, really fulfills the convenience. The self-defined audio waking and instruction system, the natural-audio control of AC, sunroom, electric liftgate, the audio Internet surfing, the online entertainment, and the recognition of 32 dialects reveal that we are not only vehicle experts. We know you better.

It is most noteworthy that, to ensure the best use, the Lion Cloud also fuses the Intelligent Link, Vehicle Link and mobile APPs to secure the genuine link. The remote vehicle control, including the remote vehicle start and remote control of AC, sunroof, and electric liftgate, as well as remote vehicle management such as remote vehicle location, matrix electronic fences, and remote vehicle authorization ensure the efficiency of vehicle use. At the same time, TIGGO8 has made breakthroughs in supporting fingerprint/human face verification to replace the original digital code. The users only need to move their fingerprints or scan their face to communicate fully with vehicles.

Besides, TIGGO8, equipped with the functions of vehicle partners, fleet and sharing of vehicle location, brings great convenience to the travels of vehicle owners. It takes photos via the automobile data recorder, records the scenery along the travel route and expands your fun of driving.

The luxury configurations only available on limousines

  • The comfort configurations: the super-large intelligent and anti-clapping panoramic sunroof, the sensor-activated intelligent anti-clapping electric liftgate, the 7-inch TFT combined meters + 9-inch console display, etc.
  • The auxiliary configurations only available on limousines: The model has standard configurations of EPB, AUTOHOLD, one-key start/key-free entry and dual-module EPS provide you with the limousine vehicle-use experience.
  • People-oriented configurations: The rarely-seen remote active cabin self-cleaning system and other people-oriented configurations combine senses of touch, sight and smell, so as to ensure the all-new appreciation in the car.  

By making deep insight into consumers’ needs, the Chery team equips TIGGO8 with extremely-high people-oriented configurations. The super-large intelligent anti-clapping panoramic sunroof, the the sensor-activated intelligent anti-clapping electric liftgate, the 7-inch TFT combined meters + 9-inch console display, the EPB on all series of the model, AUTOHOLD, one-key start/key-free entry and dual-module EPS provide all drivers and passengers with dignity and comfortable experience better than those seen in the same-class competitors.  

TIGGO8 has more in its people-oriented configurations. The second-row and third-row seats are equipped with AC outlets. Besides, the front and rear seats are equipped with seat-heating functions to ensure the best comfort of your family. Besides, TIGGO8 is also equipped with the remote active cabin self-cleaning system, which is rarely seen even on luxury limousines, so as to provide passengers with freshest air. When the vehicle is powered off, it can maintain ventilation for some time to keep the vehicle dry, prevent the bacteria and ensure health in your vehicles.

Five-star safety design

  • The holistic five-star safety: The super-strong integrated frame, the six Bentler super-strong thermal-formed steels + 3G high-strength steels, the high-energy-absorbing alloy front bumper and enveloping six airbags provide the most robust safety foundation.
  • Intelligent auxiliary configurations: The 360-degree bird’s eye view and panoramic HD monitor, the LDW, the first-batch Bosch ESP9.3, the latest version in the world, the intelligent HSA and HDC systems actively protect the safety of all passengers.

TIGGO8 adopts the super-strong integrated frame with T1X platform safety standards. In the key section, the model uses six Bentler super-strong thermal-formed steels + 3G high-strength steels, the high-energy-absorbing alloy front bumper and enveloping six airbags.

Besides, TIGGO8 is world’s first China-brand model whose whole series are equipped with Bosch ESP9.3, whose electronic stability program has lower energy consumption and quicker response than ESP9.1. The model is also equipped with the world’s first RMI system. The LDW system is able to recognize the unclear single marking line on the road surfaces, giving sound/light alarm when the vehicle deviates from the lane. This function is much better than that in the same-class competitors.

All series of TIGGO8 are also equipped with the intelligent HSA and HDC systems. The other intelligent auxiliary systems also include the 360-degree bird’s eye view and panoramic HD monitor. The intelligent driving auxiliary system of TIGGO8 leads the same-class competitors, ensuring the intelligent driving and greatest comfort.

As the consumption upgrades in China’s vehicle market, larger dimensions, more flexible space arrangements and more intelligent experience in use have become the trends in the SUV market. TIGGO8, as the first model of CHEYRLION, not only represents the profound insight of the brand into mainstream SUV trend, but also reveals it has the accurate percpetion of the users’ demands for intelligent linking. TIGGO8 has all of its details considering the users, will definitely conquer a huge number of consumers with its space larger than same-class competitors, configurations of luxury limousines and mainstream price.