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16 Apr2019
Chery's All-new TIGGO8 Launched in Advance Sales in Auto Shanghai 2019

Auto Shanghai 2019 was opened on April 16, to which Chery brought its all-new TIGGO8. At the Chery booth themed on IFUN & Intelligence, Jia Yaquan, Vice President of Chery and GM of Chery Marketing, announced the advance sales of its all-new TIGGO8. Chery booth witnessed the presence of representatives of over 50 overseas media and representatives of more than 200 dealers from over 40 countries, e.g. Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Russia, Italy and Egypt, etc., making the booth a center of attention in the exhibition venue.

At Auto Shanghai 2019, the all-new TIGGO8 announced four versions in advance sales on its 1.6T+7DCT power system platform, including the fashion version, elite version, luxury version and noble version. At the same time, it provides six frame colors to users, namely, pearl white, obsidian black, titanium gray, desert gold, Rhine blue and Provence purple.

The global R&D system builds the brand value of “technical Chery”

At Auto Shanghai 2019, Chery presented its greatest strength, exposing to the global consumers the technical and innovative ability of Chery. Mr. Ray Bierzynski, the Executive VP of Chery, in a systematical way, introduced the Technical Chery R&D system and layout so that the audiences could better understand the innovation efforts and technical accumulations made by the manufacturer.

The outstanding R&D team constitutes the inexhaustible source of innovation and solid guarantee for an auto manufacturer. Mr. Ray Bierzynski said, “At present, Chery has established R&D centers in Wuhu and Shanghai of China, in developed countries of Germany and USA, and in emerging market of Brazil, thus forming the science-based and rational global R&D system. Its global business structure and modules include vehicle engineering, power assembly engineering, new-energy vehicles and intelligent link, etc.” Thanks to its global R&D and design team, Chery has won design awards in many auto shows and made exceptional performance in various fields.

Mr. Ray Bierzynski, the Executive VP of Chery

Outstanding strength comes from accumulation. In the field of engines, Chery has accumulated rich strength thanks to its efforts in more than two decades. Mr. Ray Bierzynski said, “Five of Chery engines have won the title of China’s Top 10 Engines. As all-new TIGGO8 equipped with Chery’s third-generation 1.6TGDI engine is launched into the market, we have started the TGDI era.”  Mr. Ray Bierzynski also said Chery has also made evident results in developing auto platforms. At present, all series products of the manufacturer are based on four platforms, namely, T1X, M1X, M3X and new-energy platform. The platform technologies have reached the leading level in the industry. Thanks to development of its platform technologies, Chery is able to launch new products into the market featuring mature technologies, higher quality and faster speed, so as to speed up product iteration and improve market competitiveness.

ACTECO 1.6TGDI engine

In addition to its leading position in appearance and power, Chery has made achievements in intelligent technologies. In the field of autopilot, Chery works together with Apollo of Baidu to launch the autopilot technical platform. The all-new TIGGO8 will be equipped with L2 autopilot model. It is expected that by 2020, L3 conditioned autopilot model will be put into batch production. In 2018, the AI technologies, such as enhanced intelligent audio interaction and AI Cloud Butler, etc. were applied. In 2019, the new models will be equipped with AI graph processing, enhanced human-face recognition, AR-enhanced real navigation and other technologies. In 2019 in ADAS field, the vehicles will be equipped with senior driving aid functions, such as ACC, AEB and APA, etc.    

Chery also has achieved a lot in the field of new-energy autos. In 1999, Chery started to focus on new-energy vehicles. After experiencing technical accumulation over the past two decades, Chery has established the new-energy technical R&D system that integrates the vehicle integration, core technologies and development of core parts and components. Till today, Chery has applied for more than 900 patents in the new-energy field, and been authorized with over 600 patents, taking the leading position in the industry. Chery is also making plans for the future. According to Ray Bierzynski, Chery has made 457 technical development plan, including four platforms for new-energy products, five general sub-systems and seven core technologies.

Upgrading in four aspects to produce premium quality

As the flagship SUV of Chery, the all-new TIGGO8 captures great attention. Mr. Gao Xinhua, VP of Chery and President of Chery Automotive Engineering and Technology R&D Institute, introduced in detail to the media about the upgrading of all-new TIGGO8 in four aspects, thus revealing the extraordinary strength of the model in front of the world.  

Mr. Gao Xinhua, VP of Chery and President of Chery Automotive Engineering and Technology R&D Institute

The all-new TIGGO8 is equipped with Chery ACTECO 1.6TGDI engine known as the Best Chinese Engine, which provides the maximum power 145kW and peak torque at 290N•m. The model is also equipped with GETRAG 7DCT wet dual-clutch transmission, which perfectly combines power and economy. It takes only 8.9 seconds to accelerate to 100km per hour with the fuel consumption per 100km standing at only 7.4L. In addition to power, the all-new TIGGO8 is also the first Chinese brand in batch production that reaches L2 autopilot. It has dozens of intelligent driving configurations leading or exclusive in same-class models, such as APA and LKA. The model is equipped with ACC, which can realize 0-150km ACC so that drivers find it easier to drive the vehicle. At the same time, it is equipped with AEB system, which protects the pedestrians and cyclists, thus making safer driving.  

All-new TIGGO8 has reformed its appearance and trimmings. Its trimmings have been upgraded. Based on the leading design philosophy featuring wide frame, enveloping and suspension, it builds the horizontally-integrated suspension instrument panel and central control. Equipped with advanced electric gear and wireless mobile charging, the model produces the unprecedented sense of high tech luxury. At the same time, the leading 12.3-inch intelligent and multiple-function full-screen LCD meters, the 10.25-inch HD touch capacitor central control screen, and the 8-inch AC LCD touchscreen have produced the luxury cabin with three-screen interactions full of futuristic sense. Besides, the new model is also equipped with the color-changing music ambient lights, which can control luminance through music sound, thus adding the young elements in addition to the tech luxury. Besides, it can be started or shut according to personal preference, so as to meet demands of different users. At the same time, the all-new TIGGO8 provides options of five seats, six seats and seven seats, thus providing consumers with more flexible, comfortable and large space.

Trimmings in the all-new TIGGO8

In appearance, the all-new TIGGO8 has made many adjustments for young consumers. Chery international design team, headed by the former BMW designer Kevin Rice, continues to use the tiger-crouching H.D.S water-flow frame pattern. Its front grille uses the more stylish dot-matrix new chromed grille. Even more, the new multiple-cavity and reflective LED automatic lamps and high-energy dynamic turning lamps produce the front with greater visual impact. The tail design uses the dynamic dual-exhaust and penetrating auspicious pattern LED blackened tail lamps, which bring the strong sense of sports while giving the model greater sense of tech. At the same time, the all-new TIGGO8 provides two color options, namely, Rhine blue and Provence purple.

The Belt & Road + Chery Intelligent Manufacturing combine to build international reputation

In the venue, representatives of over 50 overseas media and those of more than 200 dealers from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt and South Africa formed a delegation to visit Chery booth, who gave high praise to intelligent products and technologies of the manufacturer.

Representatives of overseas dealers visited Chery booth

By taking the new opportunities brought by China’s Belt & Road Initiative, Chery speeds up its international steps. Data reveal that Chery products have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions in the world, establishing 10 factories and over 1,300 sales and service network. Till today, it has exported more than 1.4 million units, ranking the first place among the Chinese exporters of passenger vehicles for 16 years in a row. At present, Chery is speeding up its global R&D development. It has initiated the building of Chery R&D center in Europe and put into use the R&D Center in North America. In the next stage, Chery will enter the markets in Europe and North America.

As the flagship SUV model of Chery, the all-new TIGGO8 shines brilliantly at Auto Shanghai 2019, which has great international influence. Undoubtedly, the all-new TIGGO8’s evolution sets a new benchmark for China’s own compact SUV model. At the same time, it highlights the profound foundation of Technical Chery. As the advance sales are kicked off, the all-new TIGGO8 will be tested by the market. We look forward to its extraordinary market performance.