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18 Nov2019
Chery supports football club in winning Copa Sudamericana

On the early morning of November 10, Ecuadorian club Independiente del Valle (IDV) sponsored by Chery defeated Argentine club Colón at the Estadio General Pablo Rojas in Asunción, capital of Paraguay, winning their first Copa Sudamericana title and boosting Chery's global sports marketing.

Since Chery entering Ecuador in 2006, Chery has achieved annual sales of over 3,000 units after 14 years of development, gaining wide attention and popularity in local consumers. Chery has attached great importance to brand building and assumed social responsibility in Ecuador. The sports sponsorship is exactly a successful exploration of Chery in brand building. IDV's victory has further enhanced Chery's brand influence in Ecuador and South America.

IDV wins Copa Sudamericana

Sponsoring IDV is not Chery's first attempt at international sports marketing. Early in 2013, Chery sponsored the Chilean national team and renowned Brazilian football club Santos FC; in 2016, Chery sponsored 5 clubs in the Egyptian Premier League, with its logo appearing on pitch side billboards in all their matches. Last month, Chery invited Sergey Kornilenko, a legend in the Russian Football Premier League, as a Chery’s brand ambassador in Russia, to further upgrade Chery brand in Russia.

Sports is the recognition of the spirit of sports that human beings communicate through competitive activities and strive to be positive and forge ahead to the peak. It makes sports cross age, race, gender and other obstacles, and become the common language of the world. Chery has combined sports culture with brand orientation, corporate culture and social responsibility, and integrated the vitality and cultural charm of sports with Chery's young and fashionable brand experience through persistent attention and investment, to make Chery's brand image strike deep roots in the hearts of all consumers who are enthusiastic about sports in the world.

Driven by sports marketing and brand internationalization, Chery has achieved growth amid. In October, Chery sold 70,300 units, increasing 2.9% month on month and 5.2% year on year, and hitting a new high in the year. Chery's two popular series: Tiggo and Arrizo performed strongly with soaring sales. New Tiggo 8 contributed 13,152 units, up 10.6% month on month and 80.2% year on year, sales of over 10,000 units for three consecutive months; Arrizo contributed 11,198 units, up 8.8% month on month and 16% year on year, sales of over 10,000 units for two consecutive months.


Tiggo 8

Cars and sports have many similarities. Both emphasize speed, power and passion, breaking the limitations of age, race and gender to connect people. Chery has achieved cumulative overseas sales of over 1.5 million units in the past nearly 20 years, thus going on a road of marketing innovation from brand building exploration to practice. This is the best explanation of sportsmanship.