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22 Nov2019
Brazilian Authoritative Automotive Magazine: Chery Tiggo 7 Ranks Top 1 in Value Maintenance Rate

Recently, Brazilian Magazine Quatro Roads has conducted data analysis in terms of depreciation rate among multiple popular compact SUVs. According to the findings, Chery Tiggo 7 has outperformed several other joint-venture vehicles such as JEEP Compass, VW Tiguan, and BEIJING HYUNDAI All New Tucson, ranking 1st with the lowest depreciation rate of -5.41% as the vehicle model with the biggest value in the sub-sector.

Quatro Rodas is the first automotive magazine which appeared in Brazilian publishing market. Since the inception in 1960, Quatro Rodas has been favored by the Brazilians. Several articles of the Magazine have won international leading news awards. Quatro Rodas is one of the most authoritative automotive magazines in Brazil. Chery Tiggo 7 stands out in the Automotive Value Maintenance Rate Ranking of Quatro Rodas, which not only displays its strong product capability, but manifests Brazilians’ trust and recognition to Chery Tiggo 7.

Chery Tiggo 7 is a “global vehicle”. One of the most important factors making it rank top in value maintenance rate and obtain favor of global consumers lies in high quality. Drawing on the professional SUV platform, which uses Land Rover technology and reaches the international level, Chery Tiggo has emerged after global extreme environment road tests in R&D stage, and approximate 100 tests covering durability and reliability test as well as high temperature test, altitude test and extreme cold test. What is worth mentioning is that during the global first published “triple pile-up” safety collision test, Tiggo 7 has outperformed beyond the standard. Besides, in the link of product manufacturing, Chery has taken the initiative to build the production management system with global uniform standards, i.e., CPS (Chery Production System), which further guarantees high quality of CHERY such as Tiggo 7.

With excellent quality, Tiggo 7 once participated in the Taklimakan Rally with a mass-produced vehicle and finally won the championship, which tested the vehicle’s performance and quality. The championship was one of the miracles made by Chery since the inception of the Taklimakan Rally in 2005.

The reasons why a vehicle ranks top 1 in value maintenance rate lying in reliable quality on one hand and market demand on the other hand. The best sellers usually outperform in terms of depreciation rate. Thus, the high sales volume of Chery Tiggo 7 and other products in overseas markets is another important factor to keeping a high value maintenance rate. Up to now, Chery has exported to over 80 countries and regions and established 10 production factories and more than 1,500 sales service outlets across the world. Chery has exported over 1.5 million vehicles cumulatively, ranking 1st in terms of passenger car export volume for 16 consecutive years. Meanwhile, Chery has gradually achieved its internationalized development strategy which integrates localized research and development, procurement, manufacturing and tests. Chery has set up several scientific research platforms overseas, including Chery R&D Center in Brazil, Chery R&D Center in Europe, and Chery Automotive Engineering Institute in Middle East, etc.

The steady value maintenance rate has earned Tiggo 7 great recognition from the new car market and the second-handed car market as well. It has made lower use costs possible in actual driving and let more people better understand the image of a Chinese car.

Confronted with global market competition, Chinese vehicles have earned consumers’ favor with high intelligence and high quality. Chery Automobile Company represented by Tiggo 7 has refreshed global consumers’ understanding of Chinese cars with reliable quality and outstanding product strength, winning more consumers around the world.