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13 Dec2019
Chery Winning CEGI Top 20 Companies Title for the Fourth Time

At the recent CEGI 2019 Summit, which was guided by the State Council Information Office, SASAC and ACFIC, hosted by China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration, and organized by China Report Press, Chery was included in 2019 CEGI Top 20 Companies for the fourth time, ranking in the first ten places together with HUAWEI, Lenovo and Alibaba among others.

The title is attributed to the continuous efforts of Chery to promote its international development strategy, to upgrade product quality and global market competitiveness by building the global R&D, production and quality management system, and to organize a number of effective brand-localizing activities, which helps Chery improve its overseas brand image and influence.

Global quality management builds the world-class quality

High-quality products help secure better overseas brand image of Chery. In recent years, Chery keeps improving and optimizing positive product development system and process with international standards, thus securing the quality of Chery products and safeguarding Chery’s strategy of international development.

In terms of product development, Chery has established the matrix product development model consisting of the product development management centers and technical centers in collaboration, thus forming the V-shaped R&D system and process for the vehicle development. In product manufacturing, Chery is the first among Chinese automotive brands to set up the CPS (Chery Production System) with uniform global standard, thus effectively securing the quality of new products. At present, 3MIS IPTV of Chery new products is leading the Chinese brands, and better than the average level of some mainstream JV brands.

Chery QC team won the Gold Prize of ICQCC’19-Tokyo

Empowered by the system, high quality of Chery products continues to be recognized by the international community. In 2019, Chery QC team won the Gold Prize of ICQCC’19-Tokyo, for the third year in a row.

Localized marketing drives Chery brand upward

As Chery strategy of international development evolves from “going in” to “going up”, Chery helps overseas brand building get into the new stage by working hard on localized marketing. Before entering an overseas market, Chery would always carefully study local market situation and behavioral habits of consumers, take corresponding marketing measures, get fully integrated into local culture, and keep upgrading brand fame, cognition and influence.

Chery-sponsored IDV team won the Championship in Copa Sudamericana

Many people love football in Ecuador and Russia. IDV team, a football team from Ecuador, won the championship in Copa Sudamericana this year, the first time for the country to win the honor. In Russia, Chery contracted Sergei Kornilenko, the legendary star player in Russian Premier League, to work as the brand image ambassador for Chery in Russia. These marketing moves help upgrade the overseas image of Chery.

Sergei Kornilenko, the legendary star player in Russian Premier League

After working in the overseas market for more than ten years, Chery has evolved from “going out to sell products” and “going in to build factories” to the current stage of “going up to establish brand”. Against this backdrop, Chery has again won the title of 2019 CEGI Top 20 Companies, which firmly proves right its strategy of international development. In the future, Chery will continue to speed up its presence in the global market and lay a solid foundation for the brand to compete globally.