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14 Jul2021
Chery and Alibaba's Subsidiary Zebra Zhixing Agree to Jointly Build Intelligent Cars

Recently, the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference was held in Shanghai, China. In this Conference, Chery's Lion Tech and Alibaba’s subsidiary Zebra Zhixing have signed a cooperation framework agreement on the establishment of a joint laboratory for automotive intelligence, to jointly provide new future-oriented intelligent car experience and explore the intelligent upgrading and digital transformation of the automobile industry.

Signing the agreement

According to the agreement, Lion Tech and Zebra Zhixing will set up a technical team to carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of data operation, intelligent cab, intelligent car cloud and automatic driving. In terms of data operation, the two sides will work together to build a digital joint laboratory to realize the digital transformation of automobile full link business and services; in terms of intelligent cab, the two sides will jointly develop an intelligent cab operating system and launch an intelligent cab product solution, so as to provide autonomous and controllable intelligent cabs, as well as secondary development and iterative operation capabilities; in terms of intelligent car cloud, the two sides will take advantage of their own technical advantages to carry out all-round cooperation in intelligent car-to-cloud service, intelligent driving cloud service and intelligent travel cloud service, so as to realize the interactive intelligence, service intelligence and driving intelligence of automobiles.

Chery's Lion Tech, founded in 2014, is the business entity of Chery's "intelligent business segment" and owns the intelligent strategic brand "CHERY LION". Lion Tech focuses on the technology development and ecological development of the whole industrial chain of the intelligent car. To be specific, this company is engaged in automatic driving, car networking, data operation, intelligent manufacturing and mobile travel services, with the aim of realizing Chery's digital and intelligent layout in the whole life cycle of automobile including R&D, manufacturing, marketing, user service, etc.

Zebra Zhixing, founded in 2015, is an innovative business segment of Alibaba Group in the automotive field. It focuses on the research and development of the autonomous intelligent car operating system, and helps vehicle enterprises build differentiated intelligent cars based on self-developed AliOS and related capabilities, providing users with intelligent driving experience and enriched car life.

Promoting independent innovation in science and technology and creating smarter travel experience are the common goals of Lion Tech and Zebra Zhixing. The two sides will give full play to their respective advantages and make active exploration and innovation to jointly promote the further transformation and upgrading of the intelligent car industry.

About Chery

Chery is an automobile brand based in China with global influence. In addition to five R&D bases around the world, it has the most powerful core technology research and development strength in engines, gearboxes, and chassises among all Chinese automobile brands, and has a global automobile research and development team of more than 5,500 team members. Meanwhile, Chery is also the first auto company in China to export complete vehicles, CKD parts, engines, and complete vehicle manufacturing technologies and equipment to the world. Up to now, Chery has exported its products to more than 80 countries and regions, with nearly 9.4 million users worldwide, ranking first in China's passenger car exports for 18 consecutive years.