WCWL continues, and user operations step into a new stage

Since the global WCWL user activity platform launched in the second quarter, more and more countries have joined in succession. At the end of this year, more than 10 countries, including Russia, Qatar and Ecuador, have held various activities for car owners. With the purpose of "let users have fun", they innovate the user operation mode. By launching interactive topic research that users are interested in, Chery owners can independently choose the form of holding activities, so that they can truly participate in the whole process, striving to improve user satisfaction from the perspective of users.

In Russia, Chery organized more than 150 owners of Tiggo 4 and Tiggo 8 to compete on ice. At the scene of the game, the owners are in high spirits; in the skating team competition and obstacle race, car owners compete with all their strength; in ice hockey competition, car owners work together to get ahead; in addition, the car owners also enjoyed the beautiful ice dance, and the dancers' dexterous posture and superb dance performance skills drew applause from the audience.

WCWL owners activity in Russia

In Qatar, Tiggo 7 Pro owners drove their cars from Katara to education City Football Stadium through the West Bay CBD. On the spot, they participated in puzzle graffiti with their children, and had a dice game. The children were laughing and playing on the trampoline, and the clown show and magic show on the spot also attracted everyone to laugh and marvel. In the evening, the family attended a luxury yacht show and a dazzling light show. After the activity, car owners said that this activity made them get closer with their children and brought them happiness, and they felt Chery’s true service.

WCWL owners activity in Qatar

In Ecuador, Chery organized nearly 30 families of Tiggo 7 and Tiggo 8 owners to carry out WCWL owner care activity. In the morning, the owners met at the Granados car shop, and after the creation of the owners' activity group, they drove to the Equatorial Monument to have their photos taken. The motorcade then continued to Cabanas del Lago hotel, where a fine dessert of afternoon tea softened the weariness of driving around the city. After a full meal, the professional soccer player and the car owner's family carried out a fancy soccer interaction. Parent-child painting activities made the owners get closer with their children, golf fun games let them feel the happiness of a hole in one, and the indoor fire barbecue made the owners and their families happy and harmonious. After the activity, Chery gave the IDV football team's official jersey as a souvenir to the owner's family.

WCWL owners activity in Ecuador

In addition, WCWL season-II car owner activities were held in South America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries in eastern Europe. In the future, the "With Chery With Love" platform built by Chery to interact with global users will continue. With new forms of activities and more interesting activities, users will feel Chery's care for car owners and the warmth of Chery brand, and Chery will step into a new stage of user operation.